Mailbag: In Need Of Flyers Rumors

I got an email today from a Philadelphia Flyers fan, eager to obtain information on the new Rbk EDGE uniforms.


Can you please help us Philadelphia Flyers fans out there. We're voted the best fans in the NHL country, yet we have to wait forever to see and learn anything about our jerseys. We all want Orange, but the rumors are black. Can you give us some much needed information to tide us over till September? Thank you!


I don't know what makes you the "best fans" necessarily, but I'll leave that alone. I just wish I had some hard facts for you, Adam. Unfortunately, there's nothing new available. Based on the alleged Simon Gagne leak, the home jerseys will likely be black. Sorry.

But since I can't offer any real information, I can at least offer some fan-made concept designs for you to peruse at your leisure to tide you over. So let's get to that.

There's some orange for you. Loads of orange. But wait, there's more.

I think that's sort of a neat concept. I haven't really seen any earth-shattering concept art for the Flyers, though, which surprises me. I guess you guys like things the way they are. Not that you shouldn't. It's a nice uniform.

I had some other fan work submitted to me. This one has a unique design. Interesting striping pattern.

Anyway, like I said, I wish I had more to offer you guys. As soon as new information becomes available, I'll have it right here. Any thoughts on these designs?