Canadian Team Unveiling Dates

Yes, I have just a little more Canada for you guys. I almost forgot about this. With the Senators having released their new Rbk EDGE jerseys, that leaves five other Canadian teams left to do so. Only the Canucks and Flames have made official statements. Vancouver will do the deed on August 29 and Calgary on September 4.

The Oilers, Maple Leafs and Canadiens have yet to announce official dates, but I've been told of likely dates for unveilings for those teams that I've added to the sidebar countdown. Apparently, Montreal will go on September 4. Toronto shows off their duds on September 13 — this according to CBC. And Edmonton will supposedly unveil theirs on September 16.

Once again, those three dates are speculative until the teams make official announcements. But the sources seem reliable enough to add the dates to the countdown.

And all right, Canucks fans, I won't leave you out. I mean, how could I in good conscience share Nordiques and Jets concepts and not Canucks?

One fan designed this concept based on the teaser photo on Vancouver's official web site. Have a great night, all!