A Peek At The New Leafs Jersey?

While making my rounds on the various message boards, I recently bumped into the image below which is being touted as a sneaky photo of the new Rbk EDGE jersey for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

As we've come to expect, it's blurry and doesn't show very much but for a number on the front of the sweater a la the Buffalo Sabres' new unis. Obviously, it's not out of the realm of possibility that this is the artistic work of a fan.

For one thing, I've been hearing for a very long time that the Maple Leafs are planning to update or modernize the logo. The one we sort of see here appears to be no different from what they've been using. Ah, but fear not, faithful Leafs fans, it won't be a drastic change. They do update it every couple of decades or so, so it's probably due.

Anyway, while I'm on the topic of fan-created artwork, a reader sent me this image he made based off of the Boston Bruins' new road sweaters.

It's pretty solid. What do you guys think? Would you like to see Toronto in something like this or something completely new and different just to changes things up?

By the way, just as a side note, I added the Edmonton Oilers to the uniform countdown. A reader wrote in saying that the unveiling date is said to be September 17, the day of the team's first preseason game. Despite there being no official word from the team on this matter, I'm tempted to say that date is rather solid considering they wouldn't wear their old uniforms for a preseason game anyway. If it comes sooner, though, I'll surely let you know.