New Stuff For Ducks, Canucks

Got some fun stuff for your Sunday. The first is a jersey design for the Anaheim Ducks that playfully (and pitifully) attempts to look like a "leak." Thought it was funny.

The designer himself said it's a manipulation of the old Nashville road jersey. As far as the webbed duck foot "D" logo, I'm really hoping its what Anaheim goes with this season. I've heard that they will be dropping the wordmark on the uniforms, but we have yet to see anything official from them. Anyway, enjoy this and try not to take it seriously. It's not the real thing.

Looks like another fan came up with this concept for a new Vancouver Canucks uniform.

It seems to borrow from the newly unveiled Florida jerseys. It's not a well-balanced logo, but what do you Canucks fans think? Would you like to see something like this? Or do you prefer the orca logo, which we're hearing will stay on the new Rbk EDGE jerseys (in new colors)?

And for everybody else, what do you think about all this stuff? Don't be fooled. None of it is actual team artwork — just fan-created fun. But do you think it's good work? Or should it have stayed in the minds of these fans and off this site? Be gentle.