NHL 2k8 Apparently Has New Stars Jersey...

...so you can stop emailing me now! Thank you to the more than 25 people who emailed me saying they saw the Dallas Stars' new Rbk EDGE uniforms on an NHL 2k8 commercial that aired on TSN last night.

For what it's worth, the people who have emailed in have said the images we've seen already match what was in the commercial. However, fittingly enough, no one had a picture or screen shot to share so I'm only writing this post to let you know I got all your emails.

Also, I'll mention again that I really don't like writing about video games so if screen shots do surface in the next day or two I may not even post them. Simply put, video game renderings are not fully accurate images (in my opinion) to show actual jerseys. I prefer actual photographs.

(That's also why I haven't posted the Gagne statuette that's been floating around.)

Real live photos are coming directly from the Stars on Friday. I'll have them here.