Ducks Unveil New Uniforms!

Even though they were already on the web site, I'm calling this the official unveiling as the Anaheim Ducks wore their new Rbk EDGE uniforms on the ice for the first time in a preseason game against the Los Angeles Kings. That game was also our first look at two teams in action wearing the new threads.

Here you see Maxim Kondratiev sporting the new look on the ice. He scored a power play goal for the Ducks in the league's first exhibition game of the season.

Looks very much the same as last year's jerseys. I still can't get over the wordmark for the logo. I like the jerseys. I think they're great. But really, get rid of the "ucks" and just use the "D" as your logo, all right?

But that's not all. I've still got more pictures from last night's opener.

I hope no one is complaining anymore. These new Reebok uniforms really do look awesome on the ice. I know it was hard to tell since they were all draped over mannequins. We're used to seeing them in action. Now we are and it's quite a sight.

My one beef is the oversized "C" and "A" on the captains' sweaters. I don't really think they need to be that big. In the Ducks' case, it sort of overtakes the logo on the front of the sweater.

These action photos will also be a good chance for us to keep a tally of which teams are wearing the numbers on the front as well. As of yet, we still don't know how many teams are doing that.

By the way, later on today, I'll be adding these photos to the Rbk EDGE gallery. I'll try to do that for as many teams as I can find photos for as we go through the preseason and beginning of the regular season.