Flyers Unveil New Uniforms!

The Philadelphia Flyers officially unveiled their new Rbk EDGE uniforms today.

At the moment, the team doesn't have any photos up on its official web site, but I was emailed a couple photos of the new road sweaters.

If the tag on the front is any indication, this particular example is a replica. But it does have the giant numbers we've grown to love.

As more photos become available I'll post them here and at my official Rbk EDGE photo gallery where you can find oodles of photos of the new jerseys both in action and on mannequins.

UPDATE (7:50 PM): As noted in the comments, the Flyers have posted photos from the unveiling event that took place today along with the AHL's Philadelphia Phantoms. Grabbed a couple to post here.

Two uniforms you'll never see on the same ice again. Here's something else you'll never see on the ice again.

That just reminds me of that episode of The Office where Michael brought in the Ben Franklin "stripper" for the ladies. Anybody watch The Office? That shit is funny! But I digress.

Nice uniforms on the Flyers. Can't be displeased with those. Minor alterations, but they fit in nicely with the progression of sweaters over the years. I'll leave you with a photo reconciling the past with the present.