Stars Unveil New Uniforms!

Add the Dallas Stars to the list of teams that have unveiled their new Rbk EDGE uniforms this summer. That was done today and they're exactly what everyone feared.

The first thing I'll say is that I was never behind this whole idea that manifested itself in the form of these new home sweaters. But after seeing these photos, consider me a convert.

In a "new" NHL where cookie cutters are being doled out for even the smallest of things (i.e.: web sites and the like), I find it comforting if not overwhelmingly reassuring that one team managed to step outside the prescribed boundaries and come up with something — wait for it — different.

Now many of you will respond to that superfluous thought with the suggestion that in choosing to be different, they've ruined something good. Obviously I disagree but am always open to a good argument.

Oh and to the next person who suggests that the reasoning behind "DALLAS" being written across the chest is anything other than to remind fans where they are — a giant gold star. From me to you. I really don't understand the number of people seriously under the impression that any NHL doesn't know where the teams are from. Dallas and Vancouver do not have text on their jerseys because their residents lack cognitive function and at various points during a three-hour period forget where they are. Now I'm done with that...

Even if I were the kind of person who could spend money on anything hockey-related that didn't have a Lightning logo, I still probably wouldn't buy a Stars sweater. But that doesn't mean I don't like them. I think the designers knew what they were doing and hit the nail on the head.

Which reminds me, the Stars did a cool thing and posted on their web site the entire graphics package for the uniform set. It's pretty cool.

Finally, the Stars also gave us a look at the history of their uniforms. I'll leave you with that.