Canadiens Unveil New Uniforms!

This morning, the Montreal Canadiens unveiled their brand new Rbk EDGE uniforms to little fanfare. Overall, there were no major changes. The jerseys were merely adapted to the new style and cut, just as we'd expected. I have all the juicy details and photos below.

Before I go on though, I really need to send a huge thanks to the huge number of readers who emailed in links and photos. You guys are awesome! And you're the reason why I write this blog! I'm sorry I couldn't get stuff posted earlier, but I was amidst a live television show that begged my full attention. Moving along now.

Here's a shot of the back of the home sweater.

I also got an email with someone wondering whether the LNH logo would be used on the collar as opposed to NHL.

There's your answer. One last extreme close up photo and then I'll turn it over to you all for your comments.

I think these uniforms are great! Habs fans should be proud. Enjoy your big day!

UPDATE (1:40 PM): It's always nice to see what these jerseys actually look like on players. Here you see Cristobal Huet and Maxim Lapierre donning the new duds.

Remember you can find these and many other photos of all the new sweaters in my official Rbk EDGE photo gallery.

And if you have other photos of the jerseys that I haven't posted, send them along and I'll add them to the gallery.