Colorado Concept Logos

Recently I noticed in the comments of various posts, some of you pointing out that among others, the Avalanche may indeed have the perfect logo. That is, there's no way to improve upon it. Some even went so far as to challenge anyone to make one that's better. And a few people responded.

This is the best of what I received but even it doesn't come close to the Avs' current logo. A valiant effort to be sure, but certainly no replacement.

There were a couple of others, not as great, but worth a look.

And then this one which borrows a major element of the actual Colorado logo.

That does it for tonight. I'll have a look at some Detroit Red Wings concept logos tomorrow.

Just To Freak You Out XXXII

Can you believe this is already the 32nd installment of the Freak Out series? Who knew it would go this long? What's interesting about this week's post is what comes at the end and the fact that it's real and not concocted in the freakish mind of one of the many readers of NHLToL. No, it's quite real and that's what freaks me out the most.

But first, let's talk third jerseys. We know they're making their big comeback next season after having taken a year off. We'll begin in Vancouver.

But wait, there's more!

And I'm sure this was just a case of colors lost in translation.

Doesn't make me feel any better. I'm all right with the purple on the Kings' uniforms because it's partnered with black and silver.

Here's a Lightning jersey even I wouldn't consider buying.

And a Sens sweater absolutely no one would.

But hold on, why one team at a time? Let's go for all 30 all at once.

A good try to be sure, but I'm afraid a few too many of these missed the mark in terms of what one might consider, you know, aesthetically pleasing. (What the hell kind of sentence was that?)

It's worse when you make it look real by painting it onto a player.

And now for the little thing I was teasing at the beginning of this post. I know it's not NHL, but I'm making an exception. The AHL's Lake Erie Monsters, this season, actually wore jerseys that... I'm sorry, there's no other way of putting this. They were tie-dyed. Behold the horror.

Because one photo wasn't enough...

Peace. Love. And hockey.

And now I'm just going to go put forks in my eyes. Until tomorrow, friends.

Just To Freak You Out XXXI

I began the last Freak Out post with a similar image, so this is not a repeat. Look closely.

Yes, the duck is wearing himself on his own jersey. This is like some sort of weird fractal, right?

Anyway, we've also got an odd Minnesota Wild concept that scares me.

There's a reason teams choose bright colors. I can't remember what that is at the moment.

Got some stuff for Toronto and Montreal.

Does that Leafs logo look familiar to anyone? I've always thought the Habs should try blue — but on the jersey, not the logo.

And then of course we've got a string of "If They Mated" concepts for some of the clubs that found new homes in the '90s.

The Hartford Hurricanes?

The Quebec Avalanche?

The Winnipeg Coyotes?

No, no and no. Lastly, I've got a little something to celebrate St. Patrick's Day albeit a bit after the fact.

He's got shamrocks on his shoulders! You guys absolutely slay me.

Poll: Avalanche vs Oilers


REMEMBER: You're choosing the WORST logo!

Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment as to how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Thu Jan 24
Poll closing date
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Just To Freak You Out XXIV

Can you believe yet another Friday is already upon us? I've had a long day (which began with me waking up at 1 AM) so forgive me if I make this a quick one. Just trying to freak you out a little.

Last week's theme was crazy logos. This week's theme is crazy jerseys. For instance, what if when the Quebec Nordiques moved to Denver, they opted not to change their name or logo — just their colors?

Yep, that would've happened. Good guess.

I think this next one was submitted as a Dallas Stars concept, but I don't really get it.

Are all Texans also banditos? On second thought, don't answer that.

This next one is a little disturbing.

Blood in the water.

I posted a concept Lightning logo a couple weeks ago. Here are the jerseys that go with it.

I'm still not a fan.

Giant hockey player... smash!

And what sort of person would I be if I didn't work in some Vancouver Canucks art? (Yes, arguably the most well-represented club on this blog much to the dismay of a handful of you.)

The weird thing is I sort of like the whales. Here's what I really don't like.

And finally, I've got this logo that serves as a great followup to last week's insane logo fusions.

There's why the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings will never merge. The logo just wouldn't work as you can plainly see.

So it turns out this post was a little longer than I planned. I impress myself. By the way, at some point this weekend I hope to update the Concepts Gallery as I have over 100 images waiting to be added. I'll let you know when I get it done.

Hope you enjoyed the 24th Freak Out post. See you again right here next week!

Just To Freak You Out XXIII

I've been pretty bogged down with getting this next tournament ready. I really hoped I'd have it posted by now, but obviously it hasn't happened yet. Patience. In the meantime I've got some other cool stuff for you guys to enjoy.

First thing, a reader emailed in a link to a site called MG's Helmets — specifically to a page where the designer has come up with a bunch of NHL concept football helmet designs. It's quite clever actually. My favorite thing is how any references to hockey have been removed from the logos. You'll find no hockey sticks and no pucks. Haters of the "Buffaslug" might notice at a quick glance how ridiculously appropriate that logos looks on a football helmet. The only other logo that even comes close to looking good on a helmet is the Flyers.

It's just weird.

Now you're good and prepared for the freak out stuff. I would've done this yesterday, but I didn't. This one is all wacky logos.

First, the Atlantington Thrashitals.

Then the Phitroit Flyer Wings. I know, creative names.

This next one here is a combination of the two Colorado clubs that have graced the NHL — the Rockies and Avalanche.

Not too horrible. I haven't quite figured out how the avalanche of snow has passed directly through the mountain, but I've found in my life it's best not to ask questions.

Here, I think we've got an amalgamation of just about every Edmonton Oilers logo ever used.

Learn what it means to be freaked out. Learn it well.

And finally, a weird generic Bruins logo design that could be used for absolutely any team called the Bruins whether they happen to be located in Boston or not.

Thanks, but I'll keep the spoked B.

Saw Charlie Wilson's War tonight. Philip Seymour Hoffman is my hero. Enjoy the other half of your weekend. The Quest For The Worst is imminent.

Just To Freak You Out XXI

The Freak Out series hits 21 this week — old enough to get hammered. And boy, I think some of the designers this week had to have been hammered. I mean, just look at this.

It might take a moment or two to notice that this is an "If They Mated" example. It's the new Sharks secondary logo merged with the Mighty Ducks third jersey of the mid-90s. But I love it!

This Flames jersey is on fire! Someone on eBay is really selling it. For real.

Sidney Crosby recently dropped the gloves in a rare on-ice event. This picture isn't real but it cracks me up nonetheless. There's just so much about it that's so wrong. I'm curious to see if the guys over at Pensblog have anything to say about this.

And finally, we have a plethora of "matings" here to share.

To sum things up, what you see above is the Flyers and Bruins, Rangers and Islanders, Devils and Sabres, Blue Jackets and Blackhawks, Avalanche and Wild, Blues and Red Wings, Canucks and Hurricanes (weird!), Bruins and Flyers (opposite of the first one) and Stars and Coyotes.

But wait, there's more.

This one is interesting because it's all opposites of the previous image. They are the Coyotes and Stars, Blackhawks and Blue Jackets, Hurricanes and Canucks, Islanders and Rangers, Sabres and Devils, Red Wings and Blues (what the—?), and Wild and Avalanche.

Hope you enjoyed being freaked out. Have a fantastic weekend!

Poll: Sabres vs Avalanche


Here we go. It's the start of yet another logo tournament at NHLToL. Time for you guys to decide which team has the best secondary logo. We'll kick things off with a two-part preliminary round, starting with the Sabres and Avalanche.

Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment as to how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

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Just To Freak You Out XV

We were a little thin in terms of new Freak Out art this week, so forgive me if today's post is a little light. Still, nothing pleases me more than trying to freak you guys out with some crazy concept art.

As many of you know, the NHL unveiled the 2008 All-Star Game sweaters this week. Reader reaction here was not great. In fact, I got some very Freak Out-worthy concepts based off of those jerseys.

John sent those in along with a few others. You'll be able to find them in the Concepts Gallery this weekend.

We'll keep things moving with the Pittsburgh Penguins next. Each concept here imagines a drastic change. For instance, the first example suggests renaming the team the Pirates — a club that once existed in Pittsburgh during the early years of the NHL.

And the second suggests that the team keep the name but move to Russia.

That silly penguin even looks Russian.

And then, this goes out to all the folks from Quebec. It just doesn't look right. At all.

We'll keep things in the Western Conference now. With all the vanity in the world these days, you had to see this coming.

It seems even the Chicago Blackhawks' Indian head wanted a facelift. Either that or he got the Botox. And don't think I'm ignoring the Bears reference in there.

Next we'll head to Detroit where I'm quite concerned.

I think the grey jersey is an interesting choice, but I don't think an octopus will ever be anything but scary on a Red Wings concept. That tradition should stay off the sweater. Having said that, as a logo itself, it's not bad. But I'm still very, very concerned.

And finally, with Christmas just 39 days away, I thought I'd start my decorating now.

Ho ho ho!

If you've made or run across any concepts you think might be worth posting for Freak Out Friday, don't be shy. Send them along! You can email me at

Rbk EDGE Review: Avalanche

Part 3 of 30. All 30 NHL clubs have unveiled new jerseys under the new Rbk EDGE Uniform System for the 2007-08 season. Here at the NHLToL, we're going to review every one of them. Read up and then rate the new sweaters. We'll do a full ranking after completing all of the reviews.

Rbk EDGE Uniform System

Colorado Avalanche

New Uniforms

Old Uniforms

The Unveiling
Wednesday, September 12. The Avalanche unveiled their new uniforms to the public at a press conference.

Home vs. Road
Home: Burgundy. Road: White. The two sweaters are essentially mirror images of each other in terms of overall design and both feature secondary logo shoulder patches.

The burgundy home jerseys feature thick, blue stripes down the sleeves. There is also a blue panel extending up the side of the torso to the armpit. Thin black and white piping lines the sides extending down from the collar.

The white road jerseys feature thick, burgundy stripes down the sleeves. There is also a burgundy panel extending up the side of the torso to the armpit. Thin silver and blue piping lines the sides extending down from the collar.

In The Details
The same shoulder patches featuring the secondary logo are found on both shoulders of each sweater. The collar is blue, outlined in a thick silver stripe. The unique numbering and lettering style has been retained.

New & Old
The biggest difference between the old new sweaters is the new striping and pattern of the Rbk EDGE jerseys. Gone are the zig-zag, mountain range-shaped stripes extending the length of the sleeve. A similar element around the waist is also gone, leaving the waists of the new jerseys blank.

Standard FAQ
Numbers on the front? No.
Laces at the collar? No.

NHLToL Editorial by Chris
If you'd asked me a year ago which NHL club had the best uniform, among the list of those I'd seriously consider would've been the Avalanche. That was until now. I recognize the limitations of the EDGE design but refuse to accept it as a valid excuse. I really liked the mountain range thing along the arms and waist. It's sad to see it go. Though, to be fair, the overall look of the jersey remains largely unchanged. Beyond that, the piping extending down from the collar makes the logo seem trapped. All in all, this could've been so much better. 3/5

Buy your new Avalanche jersey!

Avalanche, Here's How You Fix It

The introduction of Reebok's new EDGE Uniform System has left a lot of people stratching their heads. If you're among those questioning some of the design choices made here, then this series is for you.

Yesterday we contemplated fixes for the new Vancouver Canucks uniforms. Today we're going to look at the Colorado Avalanche.

Among the complaints for the Avs' new threads was the lack of the zig-zagged, mountain-range like stripes we're used to seeing. In fact, the sleeves even go from blue to burgundy on the home sweaters without so much as a stripe in between. One designer came up with a solution in this rough sketch.

Voila! But Reebok would have us believe such a design is incompatible with the cut of their uniforms. Well, Atlanta and Buffalo seemed to have gotten away with it all right.

No matter. Check out this design.

Personally, I've found that the Blues' new uniform is one of the best of the new crop and even in Avalanche colors it's still pretty damn nice.

When you come right down to it, I think the Avs still escaped with a relatively nice jersey. Seeing Joe Sakic's "C" overlap a big stripe on his shoulder will take some getting used to, but all told it could've been worse.

Any thoughts on improvements to the Avs or any other team's new threads? Email me at

Up next: Atlanta Thrashers.

Just To Freak You Out VII

I've decided to make the Freak Out series into a weekly feature to be posted on Fridays from now on as long as crazy artwork keeps landing in my inbox. And man, do I have some stuff for you this week.

We'll begin with our friend Pfizer who's created mish-mash logos for the likes of the Vancouver Canucks, Buffalo Sabres and New York Islanders (check out the Freak Out series for those if you haven't yet). Now comes another shot at logo merging for the Los Angeles Kings.

For my money, it's not his best effort, but it makes me laugh no less. I'm a little disappointed he couldn't find a way to work in the current crown logo. But then it does feel a little thrown together. You have to admit, though, that king face is a great logo. Don't mess with that son of a bitch.

Meanwhile, I've got some completely new takes on a couple of team logos and uniforms. Imagine the Boston Bruins swapping out the yellow for red. Then imagine a cartoon bruin the likes of which might be owed money by Yogi Bear.

He's come to collect. Then imagine the Colorado Avalanche adopting a yeti for their primary mark. Might it frighteningly go a little something like this?

We should hope not. Lest ye bear the brunt of the abominable snowman's ever-clenched fist. And what's up with the upside-down feet on the shoulders?

Speaking of what-ifs, let's say the Kansas City Scouts were to make their glorious return to the NHL. Let's also say their return was marked by the uprooting of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Yes, this design was made in the days when the Pens' future was uncertain. I point that out merely to explain its color usage.

If you enlarge the image, you can read the designer's explanations of the three logos, so I'll spare you the details here. What I will say is that I like Patch 2. I'm a big fan of city skylines in logos, though you don't see that a whole lot. What's cool about this one is the new Sprint Center being placed to look like a puck. Clever.

The horse's eyes are freaking me out, by the way.

This next image is probably best viewed while high. I don't condone drug use, but chances of one having an "experience" are rather great. See for yourself.

Someone with a good deal of free time and an inability (or not) to cure boredom came up with this. He basically recolored the Montreal Canadiens' logo in the colors of various teams around the league. Conspicuous is the absence of the Tampa Bay Lightning's colors. But I guess not everything is about the Lightning.

Now I want to show you some of the scariest things of all — because they're real! Okay zombies aren't real, but movies are real. A reader emailed me a production still from the new Resident Evil movie. One of the zombies appears to be wearing an old Nashville Predators sweater.

Talk about foreshadowing. That's not even right.

And finally, a reason for all those NHL fans out there bemoaning the arrival of the new Rbk EDGE jerseys to quiet themselves. It could have been so much worse. A fact proven by the AHL's Philadelphia Phantoms.

AHL fans, continue your bemoaning. It's perfectly warranted.



Random Concepts To Share

Aside from the NHL 08 news, it's been a rather slow day so it would be wrong of me to leave you without a concept post to get you through the night. But before I do that, I wanted to thank you all for continuing to visit and read this blog. Yesterday, we passed the two million hit mark. For those keeping track, it was over 1,000,000 hits in just two weeks. I'm still in shock.

But moving along now. We'll begin with an amazingly cool concept logo which was emailed to me yesterday. It originates from the message board. It combines the tradition of the Colorado Rockies and the symbol on the flag of the state itself.

For my money, I'm sure it's just the thing hockey conservatives love. But the thing is, it's actually really good. Personally, I'm still partial to the "A" logo, but this could serve as show-stealing secondary mark for sure. I mention it because shortly after Altitude had the new Avs jerseys, somebody reworked it.

I never cease to be amused by people. Speaking of amusing — the New Jersey Devils have never had a secondary logo. Here's what one might look like.

Needs something to hold it all together, perhaps a circle or something. But I don't think it's half bad. Too boring for a primary but it's exactly what secondary marks are supposed to be.

But while we're busy altering logos, I was emailed this Tampa Bay Lightning design.

While the silver and blue on black make a solid color combination, there really isn't anything to the logo. It's just... dull. I know we all like simple over busy but there's something to be said for finding a happy medium.

But let's not stop now. What if the Oilers were to don a redesigned logo at some point in the future? The riots in Edmonton's streets aside, it could look something like this if the right people were on the job.

I can't speak for Edmontonians, but I like it, myself. What I don't like is an orange — and I do mean orange — jersey.

Like this one.

Yes it's a little busy but I can look beyond that. What I can't get past is all that orange. I'd take a copper jersey over that. What does that say?

Anyway, that'll do it for tonight. Leave your comments below as the designers who email me often peruse the feedback on their work. I'm sure they'll be interested in seeing what you all have to say.

I'll have more tomorrow if I don't get too bogged down in the four different teams unveiling jerseys.


Avalanche Unveil New Uniforms!

I know we already saw images from Altitude, but this is the official post. The Colorado Avalanche have unveiled their new Rbk EDGE uniforms today. Photos follow.

There they are. Now here's John-Michael Liles modeling the new duds at a press conference in Denver today.

I think he's been surrounded by the fashion police. I apologize, that was awful. I don't think my head's on right today. But seriously, I've been a big fan of most of these new Reebok jerseys. I'm sorry, this is not what I had in mind for the Avs. They had such a cool uniform.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's end-of-the-world horrible, but it's not great either. Couple more angles.

The lettering and numbering will remain the same apparently, so that's good. What I do like that all the new jerseys have is the giant crest. Show off that logo! No need for it to be so small.

Anyway. Love 'em or leave 'em, there they are. Avs fans, it's your big day. Is a celebration in order or shall we go back to the drawing board?

Altitude Exhibits Avs Uniforms

The images were just sent to me, showing the Colorado Avalanche unveiling their new Rbk EDGE uniforms on Altitude. Our first look compares last year's sweaters with this year's.

I'm not normally one to judge these new jerseys negatively, but yikes.

I guess it's not the worst thing in the world, but it's certainly not an improvement. It's a shame because I always thought the Avs were among the league's best uniforms. Not so much anymore. Doesn't do the logo as much justice anymore.

But that's all just my opinion. Feel free to share yours below.

Reminder: Big Day For Avs, Leafs

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day for fans in Colorado and Toronto as the Avalanche and Maple Leafs prepare to unveil their new Rbk EDGE uniforms. To prepare us for the events, I have concept art — I know, your favorite!

But first, some notes. The Leafs' official web site has an article discussing the long history of the sweater. Worth a read. On the home page, they're saying fans can watch the unveiling ceremony on Leafs Today tomorrow at 3 PM. I'll watch if I can and try to grab some stills for you all.

Meanwhile, the Avs haven't even made mention of a uniform unveiling on their official web site. The information came from the Denver Post. They're saying the Avs will unveil their jerseys at a press conference.

Now let's dive into the concepts. We'll start out with the Avalanche.

The team has said to expect only minor changes but logic would make us presume that the mountain range-like stripes along the arms are probably out with the EDGE design. I'm not the first person to suggest this. Chances are better the Avs go with something similar to last year's third jersey, retaining the primary logo as the crest. Let this serve as a good example of what that might look like.

But you came here for edgy concept art. Here's what you really want to see.

I laugh because the day I got the email with these images I was sitting there wondering what a more "traditional" Avs logo might look like. It's like the gods were answering me. It's a sharp concept but I can't see them changing the logo for another good 50 years.

The typeface on the white jersey's chest is what I would consider to be brutal. But enough about the Avalanche, I know what you Canadians want. Let's check out some Leafs art.

The stripes are going a little crazy here, but anyway, there it is. For something a little less drastic, I offer these.

But wait, there's more!

I know this is a risky move considering the number of Leafs fans who weren't behind the TML logo, but what about something like this for an alternate one day? I am under the impression, however, that this secondary logo will say goodbye when the new uniforms are introduced tomorrow.

One more! Let's go back to the Avs for this because I actually want to know what you guys think of it. Under the same guise as above of simplifying jerseys with a little too much going on comes this concept.

For me it's a little monochromatic but something about it says it could serve as a nice third jersey with a little help. The white "A" really shouts out "snow-covered mountain" to me.

Anyway, one last thing on what to expect for tomorrow. Avs fans, the club has said no major changes but the zig-zag stripe along the arms may not work. We'll find out for sure tomorrow. Other than that, expect something very close to what they've always worn. No logo or color changes.

Leafs fans, expect a much simpler uniform with no horizontal stripes at the bottom. I would expect minimalist stripes and constrasting color usage similar to the alleged Stars jerseys we've been seeing recently. In other words, I'm thinking a very plain sweater — and no TML logo. I doubt we'll see any change to the leaf silhouette, but the way the article above read made me feel like anything is possible.

Finally, feel free to share you're thoughts. I read them all.

No Change Is Word From Avs, Devs

We have news today regarding the new jerseys for the Colorado Avalanche and New Jersey Devils — who you might have noticed are absent from the sidebar countdown (along with the Anaheim Ducks).

Let's start with the Colorado Avalanche news. You might notice that the Avs have been added to the sidebar countdown with a jersey unveiling date of Wednesday, September 12. This information comes from The Denver Post. Beat writer Adrian Dater said yesterday in a blog post not to expect any big alterations.

We're anticipating an adaptation of the old sweaters to the Rbk EDGE style and cut. Here's an excerpt from Dater's post.

September 6, 2007


The Avalanche will unveil new uniforms on Wednesday, in a press conference. The uniforms will not have a newly designed logo or colors, but are representative of the new prototypes sponsored by Reebok that will be worn by all NHL teams this season.

The new uniforms are made of a different material that is supposed to absorb sweat better, are tighter on the bodies of players and allow them faster skating speeds.

In addition, the New Jersey Devils will apparently not be holding any unveiling ceremony or event for their new Rbk EDGE jerseys. According to The Record writer Tom Gulitti's blog, the jerseys will first be seen publicly in their first preseason game on Monday, September 17 against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Gulitti quoted Devils GM Lou Lamoriello as saying that the jerseys will not change. Basically what we were expected from the Devils. Here's the post.

September 6, 2007

No new jersey unveiling

Unlike most of the rest of the teams in the NHL, the Devils will not hold a press conference to show off their new Rbk Edge jerseys before the opening of training camp. All teams in the league will switch to the lighter, form-fitting uniforms (which also includes new, lighter socks) and some teams have taken this opportunity to make some cosmetic alterations, too, but Devils general manager Lou Lamoriello said that his team's jerseys will look essentially the same.

"Our jersey will still be our jersey," he said.

Fans can get their first look at them when the Devils play their first preseason game on Sept. 17 in Trenton against Philadelphia.

So to sum up, the Avalanche and Devils will simply convert their old sweaters without really changing anything. We'll see the Avs' on Wednesday and the Devils' five days later.

So to the fans who have been asking, there's your news. (Ducks fans, along with you, I'm still waiting for something.)