Reworking Logos

It's time once again for some concept art. Today we're looking at reworking various team logos. Some with good results, others not so much.

We'll start with an alternate logo concept for the New Jersey Devils. It bares some similarity to an idea created by Matt for his Rebranding the NHL series. Only this one is graphically simpler.

So that's pretty cool. We've also got an Edmonton Oilers logo here.

Nice, effective, but a complete disregard for the team's logo history and not modern enough to warrant it (like the gear logo on the old third jersey).

Got something new for the Blues as well.

Interesting turning the note into a hockey stick but the secondary is just to intricate to form a great logo. Nice idea, though.

That's a simple concept but one that need never see the light of day. I think to some extent, incorporating the state or provincial outline works but not in every instance.

We'll finish things off with some new looks for the two teams currently battling for Lord Stanley's Cup. By the way, is it just me, or does it seem like they're dragging this series out with all the days off in between games?

A simple flash to the past there. And with the Penguins celebrating 40 years in the NHL, one reader submitted a unique commemorative logo paying heed to the club's history.

Overall, a decent, if not above average, batch of concept art for you today. By the way, I've got a new series I'm kicking off on Wednesday. Tune in then to see what that's all about. (Just remember, I like alliteration.)

Third Jersey Ideas

I haven't written a concept art post since the weekend so I think we're due. But it's going to be a short one. One reader came up with 13 different jersey designs he'd like to see implemented for various teams at some point in the future.

I told you it'd be short, but we've got 13 different teams covered. Hope you enjoy it.

We've got a Freak Out Friday post coming tomorrow and hopefully some more concepts for the weekend. I've been keeping pretty busy with the Goalie Mask Tournament. Voter turnout is great so far. Keep 'em coming!

Just To Freak You Out XXX


Unfortunately I didn't have time last night to post the 30th Freak Out installment. So here it is a little belated. And I've got to start out with something just downright ridiculous. As you know the Quest For The Worst ended this week with the Anaheim Mighty Ducks' third jersey logo taking the cake. It faced the Boston Bruins' secondary logo from the '70s and '80s. Imagine those two logos getting together.

Pretty horrific, eh? (When in Canada...)

Anyway, we've got all American team artwork for this Freak Out post today, by the way. We continue on with the ultimate American team — the Rangers. Where do they play again? Could it be the... "big apple"?

It's the logo I'd envision for a team made up entirely of elementary school teachers. And skylines across jerseys never seem to work.

And they have a better Statue of Liberty logo than that. See previous.

Up next: the St. Louis Blues who happen to be in town tonight facing the Canucks. Couple of really freaky concepts here.

Yet another yellow jersey.

And a sweater which uses old colors and an even older logo.

I'll finish things off with a logo that I debated posting here. On the one hand it's an abstract, unique design. On the other hand, it's abstract... very abstract.

Very abstract.

And so ends another episode of the Freak Out series — live from Vancouver. I've got a couple more days left here in town. We went up to Capilano Suspension Bridge and Grouse Mountain today. Best day of the trip by far!

Live From Vancouver!

I landed in Vancouver a few hours ago. I'm pretty sure I never want to leave. Anyone know if anybody's hiring or any good apartments? Anyway, I wrote this post up while I was on the plane just so I'd have something for you guys tonight. I'm pretty beat. Seven hours on a plane isn't something I'd want to do on a regular basis.

So it's all about concept third jerseys, as it happens. With the rumors swirling over what all the new sweaters might look like, many of you have sent in your work. Let's look.

First up, the St. Louis Blues have discussed plans to introduce a navy sweater with a new logo incorporating the Gateway Arch. Well I've been sent a handful of various attempts at such a design.

That one's simple enough. Oddly, these next two are based off the Vancouver Canucks striping pattern.

Both of those are quite unique. This one as well.

One of my favorites is this one. I like how silver replaces the yellow. That's what a third jersey should be if you ask me.

I'm not so sure about all the text on it, however. But this isn't all about the Blues. We've got the Thrashers and Hurricanes too.

Also the Minnesota Wild.

When I first read it, I didn't like the idea, but that particular jersey design doesn't look half bad.

This last design isn't based on rumor so much as just wishful thinking by a Senators fan.

That's all I've got for tonight. I'll try to get something posted tomorrow afternoon, but the likelihood is it won't be until after the game tomorrow if at all. Going to see the Canucks and Predators down the street at GM Place.

Note: The time stamps will be Pacific time as long as I'm in Vancouver.

Rumors On Alternates

I've gotten several emails about a message board post propagating rumors about the new crop of third jerseys to be introduced for the 2008-09 season. With few reports being confirmed by the actual teams, I thought these might at least be interesting enough to discuss here. They may even produce some new ideas for concept art.

Atlanta Thrashers
Word is the new sweaters will incorporate more maroon like the original dark jerseys. I don't know if this means the sweater itself will be maroon or rather navy more along the lines of that original jersey.

Boston Bruins
We've actually seen the black jerseys already which will feature the BRUINS version of the secondary logo found on the shoulders of the current jerseys. The jersey features the primary logo on the shoulders. Of the two "finalists" we saw, one includes a gold stripe around the bottom while the other does not.

Buffalo Sabres
This isn't really news, but the Sabres will supposedly return to the blue vintage sweaters like the ones they wore last year. We've heard that there's the possibility of some slight alterations, but I wouldn't expect much.

Carolina Hurricanes
Rumor has it the new 'Canes third will be black with the secondary logo on the front. You know the one with the tropical storm flag blowing in the wind. Sounds pretty good. I'd like to see a mock up. One would also expect to see the primary logo on the shoulders.

Chicago Blackhawks
Supposedly, the 'Hawks will resurrect the black sweater they've been wearing as a third jersey for years. No surprises here but I can't say I wouldn't be disappointed if they didn't attempt to make a few tweaks to it.

Dallas Stars
Interestingly, rumor suggests that the new Stars alternate will be a white version of the current black one. You know, with DALLAS written across the front. I'm a fan of one jersey like that. But let's not start in with turning the NHL into the NBA.

Edmonton Oilers
We're being told it's a vintage design with laces at the collar. That sounds absolutely amazing, especially when compared with the travesty visited upon the Oil this season. But this could just be wishful thinking.

Los Angeles Kings
We're speculating that the Kings will return to the purple sweater from last season with the coat of arms logo. Of course the author of the rumors being discussed here suggested the jersey may be black. We'll have to see, but my money's on purple.

Minnesota Wild
You'd think they can't go wrong with a green sweater, but then word is it will have MINNESOTA plastered across the front a la the New York Rangers or Colorado Avalanche. That may not sound impressive, but the Wild have a history of creating vintage-looking thirds that are really killer. I'll hold my judgment until I see it.

New York Islanders
Evidently we should expect a vintage design. Something I'm surprised they didn't go with when unveiling their new Rbk EDGE sweaters over the summer. I'm not really disappointed the orange won't be making a comeback.

Ottawa Senators
I hope this rumor isn't true. Apparently they're going with a gold sweater — you read that right — with SENS written across the front. I don't know if this is more in the vein of the Stars or Rangers. Time will tell. But just let it not be gold. I wouldn't even wish that on the Stars.

Philadelphia Flyers
The team has already told us to expect an orange sweater. What they didn't mention is whether it will be an altered version of the current design or a vintage throwback. Rumor suggests the latter.

Phoenix Coyotes
Opting for a new alternate logo, it sounds like they may be going with a full-body coyote on the front of a black sweater. I think a black jersey will go well with the brick/sand color combination. This one I'm looking forward to seeing.

Pittsburgh Penguins
The team has all but confirmed already that they'll go with the same design they wore for the Winter Classic two months ago. You can't really go wrong with that one. Vintage quality at its finest.

San Jose Sharks
We're likely looking at a black version of the current uniforms. I know a lot of folks dislike the orange. I personally don't mind it. However, how cool would it be if they went with a black/grey/white jersey with some teal piping/lining? And I'll go ahead and put my vote in for the full-body shark like you see on the shoulders of the current sweaters.

St. Louis Blues
We know all about St. Louis already from the team higher-ups. They're talking about a navy sweater with a brand new logo featuring the Gateway Arch. In fact, I have some great concepts to share later with this logo alteration in mind.

Tampa Bay Lightning
The rumors I'm reading scare me because, as a Lightning fan, I'd hate to see this happen. Supposedly the new third will be navy (so far so good) with BOLTS written across the front (there's where you lose me). Sounds an awful like what's going on with the Senators. Read above.

Toronto Maple Leafs
Likely a white vintage design will make its way onto the backs of Leaf players. Probably with the old leaf logo as well. This wouldn't surprise me and sure wouldn't disappoint. Looking forward to it, as a matter of fact.

Vancouver Canucks
It's rumored that a vintage design — I'm guessing blue — is in the works. I like the stick-in-the-rink jerseys as much as anybody, but I would not be surprised to see a completely new design with the newly introduced Johnny Canuck logo. It's a chance that's too good to pass up for a team in the midst of a serious identity crisis.

By the way, that leaves 11 teams without third jersey rumors here. In case you're wondering, those teams not accounted for are the Devils, Rangers, Canadiens, Panthers, Capitals, Blue Jackets, Red Wings, Predators, Flames, Avalanche, and Ducks (who frankly, could really use one).

That's all I've got for you tonight. I've got concept art based on the rumors for the Wild, Blues, Flyers and others, but I'll save that for later on. I'll try to get it posted this week while I'm on my trip.

In the meantime, allow your imaginations to run wild and, you know, feel free to play around in Photoshop and send me whatever you come up with. I can post it here and who knows, maybe you'll even guess correct.

Just To Freak You Out XXVIII

This is the 28th installment of the Freak Out series and the 1,002nd post of the blog. It's Friday, everybody! And you know what that means.

I feel this needs no explanation.

Yes, it's that bad of an idea. And believe it or not, it gets worse.

I don't know how anyone could consider corporate sponsorships which manifest on the uniforms.

Anyway, there's also some third jersey fun to freak you out. If you're the Blues, I'll tell you what you don't do. You don't wear a yellow jersey.

The Blues.

And for the Canadiens, I like the red sweater with the blue shoulders, but I'm not sure the white one is the way to go here.

Also, I'll throw in an "If They Mated" logo, matching up the Kings and Sharks.

It may be a terrible idea, but it's extremely creative and I love that.

And for good measure, here's a plethora of concept art based on the notion of creating jerseys with two colors — split down the middle.

Everybody's covered and they're all worth a look, most notably the Bruins, Red Wings, Islanders, Rangers, Canucks and Capitals. That's some pretty intense craziness right there.

Have a great weekend, all!

Blues Third Jersey Coming This Fall

Good news for Blues fans hoping for a third jersey next season. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Bernie Miklasz wrote today that team has apparently confirmed it.

Blues Chairman Dave Checketts, honored at the Sold on St. Louis awards luncheon on Wednesday, announced that the Blues will introduce a navy-based third jersey next fall featuring a new logo incorporating the Blue Note and the Gateway Arch on the front.

So as soon as the design is available, which likely won't be until late this summer, I'll post photos.

This news had me thinking. We've heard a number of teams including the Flyers and Oilers reference possible third jerseys for next season. I'd like to keep a running list here on the blog of teams that have announced a new third jersey for 2008-09.

To make things easier on me, I'd like to get you guys involved if you're interested. Email me or write a comment on this post any time you see a reference to a potential new third jersey for next year. Cite a credible source too. I can't accept "my best friend's uncle's mother's cousin works in a pro shop and told me so" as a source.

This list now exists as a sidebar element. Enjoy!

UPDATE (2/17 5:20 AM): Just wanted to add that back in December, I posted concept art for the Blues in the form of a third jersey that incorporated the Blue Note and Gateway Arch on a navy sweater. You can find it at the bottom of this post if you're interested.

Random Selections

More new concept art! I'm on a roll this week! So Monday we did California and Tuesday was Vancouver. Today I decided to be completely random. And the teams that came out of the hat were the Boston Bruins, Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues. So we'll have fan-designed logos and uniforms for those three teams for now.

I really like the new retro-looking secondary Bruins logo. But you shouldn't do this to it.

If you think it doesn't get worse, you're wrong.

Moving away from scary things now, we have some fans' suggestions for the retooling of the Wild jerseys.

I have to say as much as I like what they have now, that one on the left is really sharp too. The green shoulders are great. I'm not sure how I feel about the circle logo on the white jersey. Feels to me like it's getting lost. And then for a complete change of pace, consider a green sweater with the circle logo.

For one thing, that's a terrible green. But I think last year's green jersey is far superior. There's not enough green in this league.

These next two sketches were designed for the St. Louis Blues on the idea of what the NHL really meant for the jerseys to look like on the players. Of course this is only feasible in cartoon land.

In any other land, it's disproportionate and anatomically impossible. Sharp work, though.

I think we'll do some more randomly chosen teams tomorrow. I've still got over a hundred items in my inbox that need to be posted. By the way, you guys are awesome for continuing to send stuff in. You don't know how much I appreciate it.

Just To Freak You Out XXV

Time for this week's Freak Out Friday post — which happens to be the 25th ever. You know you love it. By the way, you're going to start to notice a very specific theme. Just go with it. I'll begin with a little something to startle you.

Now something to downright disgust you.

Who would do that to the Blues logo? And why?

Beware of purple sweaters.

And scary Tim Burton penguins.

Also white sweaters, apparently.

And sweaters with trees on them.

Yellow ones as well.

There's so much to be wary about these days that you might hope to find solace in the Vancouver Canucks.

All hope is lost.

And any notion of a sensible design.

Finally, the fisherman you all love so much may not have worked for the Islanders, but if the Whalers every make a return, I think we've found their man.

Hope you guys enjoyed this episode. Stay tuned for a brand new one next week. Same bat time. Same bat channel. (Batman on the brain. Just watched Batman Begins again today.)

Just To Freak You Out XXIV

Can you believe yet another Friday is already upon us? I've had a long day (which began with me waking up at 1 AM) so forgive me if I make this a quick one. Just trying to freak you out a little.

Last week's theme was crazy logos. This week's theme is crazy jerseys. For instance, what if when the Quebec Nordiques moved to Denver, they opted not to change their name or logo — just their colors?

Yep, that would've happened. Good guess.

I think this next one was submitted as a Dallas Stars concept, but I don't really get it.

Are all Texans also banditos? On second thought, don't answer that.

This next one is a little disturbing.

Blood in the water.

I posted a concept Lightning logo a couple weeks ago. Here are the jerseys that go with it.

I'm still not a fan.

Giant hockey player... smash!

And what sort of person would I be if I didn't work in some Vancouver Canucks art? (Yes, arguably the most well-represented club on this blog much to the dismay of a handful of you.)

The weird thing is I sort of like the whales. Here's what I really don't like.

And finally, I've got this logo that serves as a great followup to last week's insane logo fusions.

There's why the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings will never merge. The logo just wouldn't work as you can plainly see.

So it turns out this post was a little longer than I planned. I impress myself. By the way, at some point this weekend I hope to update the Concepts Gallery as I have over 100 images waiting to be added. I'll let you know when I get it done.

Hope you enjoyed the 24th Freak Out post. See you again right here next week!

Just To Freak You Out XXI

The Freak Out series hits 21 this week — old enough to get hammered. And boy, I think some of the designers this week had to have been hammered. I mean, just look at this.

It might take a moment or two to notice that this is an "If They Mated" example. It's the new Sharks secondary logo merged with the Mighty Ducks third jersey of the mid-90s. But I love it!

This Flames jersey is on fire! Someone on eBay is really selling it. For real.

Sidney Crosby recently dropped the gloves in a rare on-ice event. This picture isn't real but it cracks me up nonetheless. There's just so much about it that's so wrong. I'm curious to see if the guys over at Pensblog have anything to say about this.

And finally, we have a plethora of "matings" here to share.

To sum things up, what you see above is the Flyers and Bruins, Rangers and Islanders, Devils and Sabres, Blue Jackets and Blackhawks, Avalanche and Wild, Blues and Red Wings, Canucks and Hurricanes (weird!), Bruins and Flyers (opposite of the first one) and Stars and Coyotes.

But wait, there's more.

This one is interesting because it's all opposites of the previous image. They are the Coyotes and Stars, Blackhawks and Blue Jackets, Hurricanes and Canucks, Islanders and Rangers, Sabres and Devils, Red Wings and Blues (what the—?), and Wild and Avalanche.

Hope you enjoyed being freaked out. Have a fantastic weekend!

Connected By Blue

So what do all of tonight's jersey concepts have in common? The color blue. That's it.

We'll begin with the Buffalo Sabres and a design that despite its stripes is actually rather cool.

Yeah, the striping does ruin it though, doesn't it? I like the logos and the colors (though I'd go with a white circle on the blue jersey) but I don't really understand the weird stripes. In case you can't really make it out, the logo on the shoulders appears to be the buffalo from the original '70s logo sans the swords beneath it.

These two deal with some simple modifications. The white Leafs jersey with the blue stripes leaves me wondering whether this would be a home or away jersey. It seems to have too much blue to be a road sweater yet it has too much white to be for home games. The Isles jersey, however, is a nice adjustment. Not great. But better.

Here are a couple of dark Thrashers jerseys. Your pick as to which is home and with is an alternate.

And finally, I promised a Blues fan I'd get this one posted tonight.

You know what to do now. Comment away. I'm interested in seeing what you guys have to say about these.

Rbk EDGE Review: Blues

Part 11 of 30. All 30 NHL clubs have unveiled new jerseys under the new Rbk EDGE Uniform System for the 2007-08 season. Here at the NHLToL, we're going to review every one of them. Read up and then rate the new sweaters. We'll do a full ranking after completing all of the reviews.

Rbk EDGE Uniform System

St. Louis Blues

New Uniforms

Old Uniforms

The Unveiling
Saturday, September 15. The Blues unveiled their new jerseys to fans at FANfest in St. Louis.

Home vs. Road
Home: Red. Road: White. The two sweaters are essentially mirror images of each other.

The blue home jerseys feature large dark blue shoulder yokes outlined in yellow piping that extends from the neck, down the front to the bottom of the sweater. Smaller white stripes extend under the piping from the neck to the shoulders. A curved white stripe wraps around the arm, beneath the elbow, bordered by a thinner yellow stripe. The cuff is dark blue from the yellow stripe down to the wrist. The collar is blue with yellow piping on the outside and the primary logo serves as the crest.

The white road jerseys feature large blue shoulder yokes outlined in yellow piping that extends from the neck, down the front to the bottom of the sweater. Smaller dark blue stripes extend under the piping from the neck to the shoulders. A curved blue stripe wraps around the arm, beneath the elbow, bordered by a thinner yellow stripe. The cuff is dark blue from the yellow stripe down to the wrist. The collar is blue with yellow piping on the outside and the primary logo serves as the crest.

In The Details
The same numbering and lettering style has been retained.

New & Old
The biggest difference between the new uniform and the old is that all of the straight and horizontal stripes are gone in favor of stripes and paneling with more curved lines. The yellow piping down the front and back of the sweater is also new. The shoulder yokes are very different between the two uniforms.

Standard FAQ
Numbers on the front? No.
Laces at the collar? No.

NHLToL Editorial by Chris
When I first saw photos of the Blues' new sweaters, my jaw hit the floor. I was almost immediately calling it the best new uniform this season. But if they aren't the best, they certainly are among the best. The striping works beautifully on this jersey and I'd even pose that the new ones are better than the old ones, as crazy as that might sound. With the days of the red trim behind them, the Blues have consistently been one of the best-looking teams in the league, if you ask me. They don't falter here. The shoulder paneling is my favorite part. Definitely a would-buy if I didn't feel it sacrilege to do so. 5/5

Buy your new Blues jersey!

Result: Canadiens vs Blues


Congratulations go out to the Montreal Canadiens' logo! It has been declared by the voters at the NHL Tournament of Logos to be the best logo in the National Hockey League right now.

I can't believe it's finally over. After nearly eight long weeks of voting in a competition that involved all 30 NHL logos, the best one has come out on top. It's been a great ride — despite its bumps — and I appreciate every single one of you who dropped in to cast your votes.

Now you no longer have to wonder which logo is really the best. Now you know. It's the logo of the Montreal Canadiens! Habs fans, bragging rights are yours!

By the way, we'll be raising the Championship Banner in the sidebar on Friday night. Be sure to check it out!

Montreal Canadiens
55% 9,144 votes

St. Louis Blues
45% 7,525 votes

16,669 total votes votes

Poll opening date
Sep 27 @ 5:37 PM
Poll closing date
Oct 3 @ 5:00 PM

07CHTRN | #5 | MTLvSTL

Poll: Canadiens vs Blues

St. Louis

If for no other reason than the support I've been getting from you guys, I'm going to give this thing another shot. All votes cast prior to today are gone. Please place your votes again and this time we'll all try to be mature people about it. I really want this to work out because I think it's really fun. I don't want to take away the voting because I feel like the best aspect of this site is the interaction I get with everyone via the polls. So vote and be merry!

We're now in the final round of the NHL Tournament of Logos. One of these two logos will be crowned by you all as the best in the NHL. It's been some stiff competition all the way through but the Montreal Canadiens have been proven the best in the East and the St. Louis Blues the best of the West. It's been a pretty exciting run so far!

I would like to encourage everyone to go out and get as many people as they can to vote. Post the link on blogs, message boards or wherever else you can. Let's get as many people as we can to vote on this final round!

As a side note, one difference you might notice in this poll is that while it still closes after one week, I've changed the closing time to 5:00 PM so we can announce the winner just prior to the first games of the new hockey season. Also, we'll have to count yesterday as a lost day. But I'm not worried about it because everyone who wants to cast their vote should be able to access the internet at least once a week. (Or so I would hope.)

By the way, once the season has started, I hope you guys will continue to return to the blog and vote on all the logos. I'll be starting up a new tournament as early as next Friday. If you have any suggestions that you think will keep you interested in coming back, feel free to let me know either by email or in the comments. Thanks, all!

Poll opening date
Sep 27 @ 5:37 PM
Poll closing date
Oct 3 @ 5:00 PM

07CHTRN | #5 | MTLvSTL

Mailbag: Cats, Devils, Blues Concept Art

I have a bunch of concept designs to share with you all today. We'll start with the Florida Panthers.

This concept keeps the same uniform design while simplifying the primary logo to feature only the panther's head. I'm not a fan of the rounded elements, though. I think the sharp edges offered a fierceness that this logo lacks.

I was also emailed a couple of New Jersey Devils designs.

These concepts borrow from the AHL's Lowell Devils logo, relegating the current primary to the shoulder. Personally, I couldn't see the Devils converting to a minor league logo. That would just be strange.

And finally, someone emailed me some St. Louis Blues art. I've always wanted to see the Liberty Bell in a secondary logo for the Philadelphia Flyers. Along the same lines, I've also been curious to see the Gateway Arch as a secondary for the Blues. But not quite like this.

This design was suggested as a possible future third jersey. It needs a little yellow and some work on the logo, but it certainly has potential. Thoughts?

Concepts For Oilers, Blues, Coyotes

I've got a few concept designs for you to check out this afternoon. We'll start way up north in Alberta and work our way south to Arizona.

Here's what one designer had in mind for reconfiguring the Edmonton Oilers' logo and uniforms.

It's an "E" merged with an "O" that, quite frankly, might work better as a secondary logo. That isn't to say that the logo found on the shoulder of this jersey wouldn't work just as well. The one big thing that struck me with the Oilers' new Rbk EDGE jerseys is the plainness. I know a lot of people have been commenting on how some of the new sweaters look like practice jerseys, but for the Oilers, that couldn't be more true. The fact that the elbow stripes don't even go completely around the arm just adds to that.

But anyway, we're talking about this concept. And overall, I like it. The logo could use a splash of creativity, I've seen worse. And the oil drop might be a nice addition to the plain uniforms they have now.

We're moving along to St. Louis now where one fan is mixing the old with the semi-old with the new. Usually when you throw to much stuff in a pot and cook it, the end result is less than delicious. That isn't necessarily the case here, but I don't think the red ever really worked for the Blues.

I think those would be solid designs if the red was removed entirely. Now, here's what you don't want to do — with a third jersey or otherwise.

That'll give a person nightmares. It doesn't go the horrifying length as the alternate Blues sweater Mike Keenan vetoed in the '90s, but it sure is trying. Look at those blue notes across the waist.

I like the idea of a trumpet for a secondary logo, but this really isn't the way to go. And how can a team called the Blues have a dark jersey that's anything but blue?

But I say we move on. A Phoenix Coyotes fan recommends reintroducing green into the color scheme. Here's how.

First off, I'm not sure you can put a team logo above the nameplate and have it look good. Secondly, I'm not sure it's even allowed. However, I think it would look just fine on the shoulder. I still like the PHX patch more, but the moon isn't terrible for the other side.

That's all I've got for now. I plan to have more later. Plus, don't forget to check out the Concepts Gallery where you'll find all the work I've posted plus some I haven't.