Wallpaper Wednesday II

This week brings the second edition of Wallpaper Wednesday and this one is focusing on player-centric designs. We'll start with Alexander Ovechkin.

And we have lots of goalies too — like Marc-Andre Fleury...

...along with Henrik Lundqvist and Martin Gerber.

And I thought this was cool — this year's complete playoff bracket.

Speaking of the Stanley Cup champion Red Wings, check this out.

And this, also designed by SnyperP.

He's actually gone and fulfilled several requests but unfortunately I don't have room for all of them here. I'm putting together a gallery that will be available soon. In the meantime, here are a couple more.

And I chose those two to post because they were voted best secondary and third jersey logos by you guys in earlier logo tournaments.

So keep sending in your desktop wallpaper art. You never know, it may one day appear right here on a Wallpaper Wednesday.

Capital Conceptualizing

I've got some third jersey concepts for the Washington Capitals to share tonight.

The first one is based off the current uniform with colors and logos swapped.

Not bad at all but I'm partial to this next design.

The striping and style fit in with the current sweaters while also being different in their own right. Really, they could do a lot worse.

And I know a lot of people like the eagle secondary logo, so much so that they've asked to see it as the primary. Well here you go.

I think it could be smaller on that jersey, but I certainly like it better than the wordmark. The Ducks could learn a thing or two from this but we'll save them for another day.

And don't take this last item too seriously.

I was going to save it for tomorrow's Freak Out post but it fit with the Washington theme today. Anyway, check back tomorrow for the 35th installment of the Freak Out Friday.

Just To Freak You Out XXXIII

Hell has frozen over!

Indeed, the Freak Out Friday has returned. After two weeks off, it's been resurrected. All the talk last month about the league returning to the third jersey program next season has died down, but folks are still trying to come up with the best solution to this alternate sweater issue. The ones that fail tend to end up here.

See what I mean? What happened with the D there? And don't get me wrong, I like that blue for my Bolts, but I can't imagine having that written on the front of the jersey. There's more.

Same goes for the other team that joined the league the same year as Tampa Bay.

I know these are designs based on previously discussed rumors, but I always thought they were too horrible to actually see.

I've got some other stuff too — like a new alternate logo for the Blue Jackets.

And a sweater to boot.

But my favorite pair of sweaters for this week's Freak Out are based on the Minnesota Wild and the previous NHL club that occupied the state.

And finally, I know you guys hated the guitar thing, but someone else made this one and I thought it was kind of interesting.

So keep the crazy artwork coming in each week if you want me to be able to continue this series. I'm counting on you! Yes, you! And that's that for this week. Hopefully I'll return next Friday with a brand new batch of insanity.

Fan Art To Finish Your Weekend

I think I promised you guys a concept post before the weekend was out, so here it is. I've assembled some of my favorite designs from my stash. There's a lot of quality work, so let's dive in.

First, an interesting new look for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I'd like to see the jerseys that go with it. If nothing else, the production value is through the roof on this one.

But if you want to talk excellent concept logos, look no further than this one for the Washington Capitals.

I admit I had to stare at it a while, but there it is, a "W" and a "C." And I don't know why it took us so long to realize that if you put those two letters together the right way, it forms a star! However, I'm not sold on the wordmark. I get the whole Declaration of Independence thing (been watching John Adams today), but for a sports team it's not a good idea.

I like that Thrashers jersey as well. With much thanks to Jacob at We're Revolting! for that one.

You guys always give me trouble for my aversion to yellow jerseys, but I've come across a bunch that I actually like — despite their resemblance to what I can only assume is Hillary Clinton's favorite suit.

Well, it's the Boston Bruins of course. Can any other team really do a yellow sweater?

This second set wouldn't work because yellow is still a light color. It wouldn't work as a dark home jersey. However, I am intrigued by the use of the secondary logo with a black background and yellow text.

Up next are the Chicago Blackhawks.

All those stripes do weird things to my brain. And there's not enough contrast in the other one. But I don't know, either could work as a temporary third jersey.

Finally, it's the Buffalo Sabres.

It's a nice logo on a traditional uniform design. I think you'd be hard-pressed to find nay-sayers.

That's good for now. Stay tuned for new polls going up tomorrow both here and at ToHL. Here, we'll have Cam Ward and Josh Harding going head to head and for the WHL Tournament of Logos, it'll be the Calgary Hitmen and the winner of the Americans/Thunderbirds poll which closes tonight.

Third Jersey Ideas

I haven't written a concept art post since the weekend so I think we're due. But it's going to be a short one. One reader came up with 13 different jersey designs he'd like to see implemented for various teams at some point in the future.

I told you it'd be short, but we've got 13 different teams covered. Hope you enjoy it.

We've got a Freak Out Friday post coming tomorrow and hopefully some more concepts for the weekend. I've been keeping pretty busy with the Goalie Mask Tournament. Voter turnout is great so far. Keep 'em coming!

1000 Posts!

That's right, this post I'm writing here is my 1,000th! I began this blog on May 9 and as of today, it now has a thousand posts. I'm very proud and as always, I'm more than appreciative of you guys for continuing to drop in. Obviously, you all are the reason I keep doing this. So as a thank you, I have some third jersey news.

Well, it's not so much news as concept art. It's all the ideas we've had for next season's new third jerseys... visualized! I'll begin with our friend Gary who's emailed in every other week or so since way back in October. He came up with designs for most of the teams we're expecting to see thirds from in the fall.

Vancouver's all right. Needs more of a forest green. Chicago, San Jose and Ottawa are pretty much what I'd expect. I like the 2D logo on the Sens jersey. Nice touch. We already know the Blues will have a new logo for their third. The desert scene didn't work out to well for the Coyotes last time so I doubt they'll try it again. And I like the idea of using the Hurricanes' secondary logo as the crest.

The Islanders and Lightning designs meet expectations, but the rest are a little out there if you ask me. I can't see the Kings bringing back the gold anytime soon. They'll probably stick with silver and black. The Stars sweater is interesting but could use some work. I like the green. Speaking of green, I can't imagine the Wild using that wordmark as a crest. I'd expect to see the bear head and a much cleaner design more along the lines of the current road jersey.

Among that list but not included in Gary's designs were Thrashers and Maple Leafs. Other readers came up with some good designs for them. First, a white version of Atlanta's home sweater.

It's nice but I can't see the Thrashers adding another white jersey — especially as an alternate. As for the Leafs, we've got a lot to consider.

When you think Toronto third, you automatically think vintage/retro/throwback. These fit that bill quite well.

Anyway, I also had a lot of submissions dealing in black. For instance, take the Senators jersey above, painted on Cory Stillman.

Also a black version of a jersey with the new Johnny Canuck logo.

And a black Stars sweater with the Texas state logo.

Personally, I'm more a fan of this green version.

And finally, we'll look at a team who hasn't said a word about a third jersey in the future, but one for which it could work unbelievably well — the Washington Capitals. Imagine a uniform set that looked like this.

Now those are some nicely designed jerseys.

Remember, if you've got some quality work you'd like me to post, send it along to nhllogos@gmail.com.

Just To Freak You Out XXIII

I've been pretty bogged down with getting this next tournament ready. I really hoped I'd have it posted by now, but obviously it hasn't happened yet. Patience. In the meantime I've got some other cool stuff for you guys to enjoy.

First thing, a reader emailed in a link to a site called MG's Helmets — specifically to a page where the designer has come up with a bunch of NHL concept football helmet designs. It's quite clever actually. My favorite thing is how any references to hockey have been removed from the logos. You'll find no hockey sticks and no pucks. Haters of the "Buffaslug" might notice at a quick glance how ridiculously appropriate that logos looks on a football helmet. The only other logo that even comes close to looking good on a helmet is the Flyers.

It's just weird.

Now you're good and prepared for the freak out stuff. I would've done this yesterday, but I didn't. This one is all wacky logos.

First, the Atlantington Thrashitals.

Then the Phitroit Flyer Wings. I know, creative names.

This next one here is a combination of the two Colorado clubs that have graced the NHL — the Rockies and Avalanche.

Not too horrible. I haven't quite figured out how the avalanche of snow has passed directly through the mountain, but I've found in my life it's best not to ask questions.

Here, I think we've got an amalgamation of just about every Edmonton Oilers logo ever used.

Learn what it means to be freaked out. Learn it well.

And finally, a weird generic Bruins logo design that could be used for absolutely any team called the Bruins whether they happen to be located in Boston or not.

Thanks, but I'll keep the spoked B.

Saw Charlie Wilson's War tonight. Philip Seymour Hoffman is my hero. Enjoy the other half of your weekend. The Quest For The Worst is imminent.

Hi Ted, Caps Fans

I noticed yesterday the blog got a mention on Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis' blog at AOL.com. On Ted's Take, there was this post.

Then also, right there on the Caps' official web site is a link touting the secondary logo's recent victory in the logo tournament.

Unfortunately they got the name of the site wrong (also misspelled the word "competition"), but I guess I can forgive them. And then combining both Leonsis and the official team site was a mention in the Owner's Corner column posted today.


And finally, congratulations to our secondary logo mark, which won the NHL Tournament of Logos at nhllogos.blogspot.com. We edged Vancouver’s secondary mark in the finals. Previously we had tied for second in the Rbk Edge Uniform Ranking, joining Montreal behind Boston. The Hershey Bears were edged out in the semifinal round of the AHL tournament by the Bridgeport Sound Tigers.

That’s why I love the web; there are so many ways for fans to interact and connect. Well, I look forward to seeing many of you at our season-ticket holder Meet the Team Party Thursday night and others at the stretch of home games we have ahead. I hope you share in my excitement for what I believe will be a promising 2008.

Pretty cool stuff. I can't believe the kind of recognition this site is getting. My thanks go out to Ted and all the folks with the Capitals' organization for supporting the site — and coming up with such an outstanding logo!

Result: Canucks vs Capitals


Congratulations go out to the Washington Capitals' secondary logo tonight for being named by the voters here at NHLToL as the best in the league! The Capitals finished the final poll with a 52% of the more than 2,200 votes.

Thanks to everyone who voted!

As far as what's next, you guys have been putting in your nominations over the last few weeks for the NHL's worst logo. Stay tuned for news on which logos will make it into the bracket on the way to being crowned the worst in the league.

Poll: Canucks vs Capitals


Time now to decide on the best secondary logo in the NHL! It's come down to the 'Nucks and Caps. Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment as to how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Tue Jan 1
Poll closing date
Sat Jan 5


Poll: Blackhawks vs Capitals


Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment as to how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Tue Dec 18
Poll closing date
Sat Dec 22


Rebranding The Capitals

I got an email yesterday from the graphic artist we know as GhettoFarmBoy, responsible for the San Jose Sharks redesign I recently posted. His real name is Matt, by the way, and he's got a new rebranding concept that's been out for a little while. As I mentioned in that Sharks post, he said his next venture would be the Washington Capitals.

Prepare yourself.

The primary logo is awesome, but my favorite is the secondary. That is the best logo representation of the Capitol dome that I have ever seen. There's just so much about that logo that's right on the money. He just keeps outdoing himself, doesn't he?

And I couldn't be a bigger fan of the jerseys.

One of my favorite things is the gold accent color in the logo. But at the same time I think it's right that only red, white and blue were used in the uniforms. It's knowing when to stop that can make or break a design. I'll continue to say that any team would be lucky to wear a uniform or logo that looked this good.

And by the way, since it was brought up a while back, yes I would put these designs right on par with the likes of the Blues and Canadiens. Talk about making hockey look good.

I'm continually impressed. As it happens, Matt has informed me that his next project is the New Jersey Devils. He says he's nearly finished so I'm looking forward to being able to post that here very soon. I thought I'd finish off this post with something he wrote in his email to me.

I want to thank you for posting my concepts on your site. I sincerely appreciate all of your hard work putting together the site/blog. It's been a great resource for me and I will continue to visit it.

I'm so glad people are enjoying my concepts. As a young graphic designer (I just turned 18 a few months ago) it means so much that my designs are appreciated. I have never taken any design clases or anything of the sort, so when I hear a compliment like "fire reebok and hire this guy" it makes my day....

Capitalizing On Concepts

Anyone want to guess what Glen Hanlon is thankful for today? Because it's not having a job as an NHL hockey coach. Poor guy. Of all the days to get canned, you just wouldn't expect it on Thanksgiving, right? So with the Washington Capitals opting to replace their coach, I have concept art! (And it's really good stuff, too!)

We'll start out with something simple and rather obvious. Take the new secondary mark and stick it on the front of the jersey.

I'm personally of the opinion that it makes for a better primary than the wordmark. But it's not my call to make, now is it? Working off a similar tack, I could totally see this being a third jersey as part of the set above.

The red striping is a little strange, though. We might want to tone that down a bit. I like it but I don't really know what's going on. I like the next design because it uses a logo that mixes the old and new similar to what we saw in a couple of previous Freak Out posts.

Quite fascinating, really. Though this is probably more worthy of Freak Out Friday by itself, I still like it. Keeping that in mind, however, what about a similar look but with the old blue and bronze?

I think you know how big a fan I was of those colors despite the fact that I completely understand red, white and blue for the Washington, D.C. club. You might also notice that these jerseys are really just recolored Ducks sweaters. But let's finish up the post with these colors.

Other than the Lightning's, there's really no color combination I like more than this. My absolute favorite is that blue one on the right as well as the blue jersey the Caps actually wore in the late '90s. Am I the only one? (If I am, I'm all right with that.)

Hope you guys enjoyed that. I have over 100 graphics waiting to be posted at the moment, so it goes without saying I'm falling a little behind. It also goes without saying that if you've sent in something that hasn't been posted yet, don't lose hope.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just To Freak You Out XIV

It's the end of another work week and we all know what that means — Freak Out Friday! A series, which by the way, has become very popular. So as long as you guys keep sending in crazy crap, I'll keep posting it every week. I'll start things off tonight in New York.

I felt I couldn't properly begin a Freak Out Friday without involving the Buffalo Sabres somehow.

See? This is what happens. What is that anyway? Somebody call Paul Bunyan. We found his ox. Yay.

Easily the most maligned logo in the NHL, imagine the "Buffaslug" on what's been one of the most maligned jerseys here at NHLToL. How much do you guys love this concept right here?

Not that much? Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. Anyway, while we're on the subject of the Atlanta Thrashers, see if you can endure this monstrosity.

I know that wasn't easy, but don't worry, it's over now. Let's not let this happen again, all right?

Gradients on jerseys is a personal pet peeve of mine. Who was it that thought these looked good?

Oh yeah, those guys did.

Have you ever tried to use red, blue and black together? Here's why you don't.

And here's another reason.

Finally, I'll leave you this evening with one simple concept and a profound statement.

Only you can prevent forest fires.

Until the next time, try not to freak out too much.

Recolor This

Today's concept post will deal strictly with recoloring things. Yes, that's right. For instance, let's suppose the Florida Panthers had opted for the more traditional red home sweater over the blue one they actually went with.

Not bad, but despite the fact that I loath the Stinkin' Panthers, I prefer the blue. The old red sweaters were nice, but I don't care much for this one pictured here. But that's just me.

Speaking of me being a Lightning fan, someone remade the Sharks' and Habs' sweaters with Bolts colors.

I don't know. No. They'll always be a teal team. That's just who they are. Don't question it. As for the Habs, you can't have that jersey in anything but red. Even blue would be weird.

Here's something else that might make you question whether this is the Freak Out Friday post. Not quite yet. Just a misguided attempt at giving the Canucks new colors.

I'm all for the return of a green team to the NHL, but this is not how that is achieved. No, no, no. I know I'm sounding very negative right now, but just no.

Anyway, here's something I like. The Blue & Bronze Age of the Washington Capitals was my favorite. Even though it fits them perfectly, thematically speaking, the red/white/blue combo is so overused in this sport. Check out the current EDGE unis in the old colors.

It may not be the most brilliant thing you've ever seen, but come on. That's not too shabby. I like the white "capitals." Very sharp, right there, if you ask me. I'd just like to see the black jersey in blue instead. I was more a fan of the blue '90s jerseys for the Caps. I like the black one as a third jersey — not so much a primary home sweater.

And finally, we'll finish off with something a bit different. This is the Islanders uniforms recolored — but for a different team.

Wow, no. I'm sorry, but those sleeves don't look good on any team if you ask me. The more I see it, the less I like it. Granted it looks better in black and orange than blue and orange, but still, I'll pass on this one.

What do you guys think? Any winners here? Or should we go back to the paint bucket?

Just To Freak You Out XI

Finally! I know I failed you guys yesterday in that Freak Out Friday never came to pass. But perhaps you'll allow me to get away with a Freak Out Saturday. The Everblades game aside, yesterday was a very busy day for me. Not to mention Blogger has been having issues with image uploading, an important piece of this puzzle. Anyway, here goes.

We'll kick things off with the team whose logo was named the champion here at NHLToL — the Montreal Canadiens. Some very strange artwork has made its way to my inbox — and now to your computer screen.

The concept on the left makes use of a little-known logo that the Habs wore back in 1910, prior to the formation of the NHL. As you can see it's on a Thrashers home jersey, which is weird, for more reasons than the light blue. The one on on the right is just as intriguing if not more so. It's a half maple leaf, half fleur-de-lis. And check out the Flames-influenced shoulder patches. The 100-year logo at the bottom is what puts it over the top. Well, then there's that logo of course. And the team name above it.

There just aren't any words for that. Nightmares.

Speaking of nightmares, the Nashville Predators have been trying to get more folks in the building this season so as to avoid something like this from happening.

Somebody really wants a hockey team in Hamilton? Raise your hand if you think that's going to happen. Now keep your hand up if you think they'd wear a jersey like this. Put your hand down. You're looking at a computer screen.

Before I leave Canada, I just got this one emailed to me today. It may be a little harsh that I'm sticking it in the Freak Out post, but it scares me just a little.

I realize I suggested attempting to work Alberta into the logo, but I'm not sure this is the winner. I do like the wordmark part (not as a primary!), but the province is weighing the whole thing down on the left side.

Wow I just had a weird visual. Imagine going on one of those insane diet pills. Maybe they get the formula wrong and you only lose weight on your right side. Sorry, just freaked myself out there. What's going on with me tonight?

Anyway, I know the new Washington Capitals secondary logo has been a big hit, but here's exactly how not to use it.

That's so bad I almost want to see what it would look like on a player. Damn.

Since we're on the subject of really bad, we'll top things off tonight with my team.

I was seriously considering posting this and trying to make you guys guess what team this logo concept was designed for, but I'm not sure you'd ever figure it out. I think the secondary logo is meant to resemble the state flag of Florida. Hmm. But as for the primary, I have no clue what's going on there. However, I have woken up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat with this as the last visual in my brain.

As we inch ever closer to Halloween, the freak-outs seem to be getting more freaky. Thanks to everyone who's sent in work!

And if you have any of your own or have spotted anything crazy out there on the web, feel free to email it to me at nhllogos@gmail.com and I may make it part of next week's Freak Out Friday. (And I plan to actually post it on Friday this time.)

Poll: Capitals vs Maple Leafs


Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment as to how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

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