ToHL Up And Running Again

After a brief period of a down time, ToHL is up and running again with the latest poll in the QMJHL Tournament of Logos. GO VOTE!

And in case you're wondering, the final poll of the tournament will take place at ICETHETICS (which launches July 1). Then the CHL Tournament of Champions — which will feature the winner from each of the three CHL leagues — will take place there as well. I'll also be introducing a brand new tournament to begin after that is complete. It's something I've been talking about for quite some time.

Result: Luongo vs Turco


Congratulations go out to Roberto Luongo today! Voters here at NHLToL have chosen his mask as the best in the league! The Luongo finished the final poll with a 54% of the nearly 2,000 votes.

Thanks to everyone who voted! This tournament saw the most votes cast ever on the site. I hope the next one will be as popular.

With this tournament over, I'm taking this opportunity to announce that the brand new ICETHETICS will launch on July 1. The big question I've had about this is whether the URL will change. In fact, it will so be prepared to update your bookmarks. ICETHETICS will replace NHLToL and ToHL.

NHLToL and ToHL will both remain online but will no longer be updated as of July 1. All of the concept art, jersey news, logo tournaments, and everything else you've come to expect from NHLToL will be featured on ICETHETICS. NHLToL will simply continue to serve as an archive. For now, I just wanted to make you guys aware that this change is finally coming.

And over the next couple of weeks I'll be detailing the new features you'll find at ICETHETICS, including specialized concept art galleries, an artist partnership program, more new tournaments for you to vote in, and a whole lot more. Get ready!

Introducing Some Wallpapers

I've been inundated with wallpapers since announcing the new series. So I'm going to show off a couple of them as we lead up to next Wednesday.

This Bruins design is simple and strictly logo-based.

Then there's this one based on Marc-Andre Fleury but with a twist.

So keep them coming and hopefully I'll be able to make a regular weekly feature out of it.

Taking The Day Off

Hi all! Today is my birthday and as such I'm taking the day off to relax. Not to worry, though, I'll have more stuff for you tomorrow. (Or you can go vote on the new poll at ToHL.)

By the way, I have been reading your comments and I understand you'd like to do a bit of a lead up to Wallpaper Wednesday. I have no problem with that. I'll post some stuff tomorrow. In the meantime, I have birthday pie waiting for me. Key lime.

Wallpaper Wednesdays

A reader recently emailed me with what I thought would be a really cool idea. This blog is all about showcasing hockey artwork so here's one more way to further that. I'm going to start posting desktop wallpaper artwork designed by you guys. Right now, it's just an idea I'm tossing around, but if it goes well, perhaps some contests are in our future.

Preferably, I'd like to start with logo-based designs. Maybe even goalie mask-based. Or whatever. Get creative and just go nuts. The sky's the limit. I'll post the ones I like. And the rest may be consigned to the Concepts Gallery.

I can't wait to see what you guys come up with. So get started on designing your hockey wallpapers and send them my way. Email me at

And just so you know, I had planned to put together a few examples to post today, but I seriously misjudged my schedule and a project I'm working on currently. Hopefully I'll have time soon.

Thanks to Dawson for the suggestion!

Popularity Experiment

The word "popularity" has been getting tossed around in the comments a lot lately. Every poll I post is an opinion poll. I want a consensus of opinions on various topics like logos and goalie masks. So the idea that folks are saying you should vote based on aesthetics or any other specific element is, well, wrong in my mind.

In every poll I ask "which is better?" If there were set guidelines to make this determination by, a poll would be irrelevant. We'd simply gather data per the guidelines and come to a logical conclusion. But this is art, for lack of a better term. There is no good and bad, there's only the opinion of the person looking at it. The line about beauty being in the eye of the beholder comes to mind.

That being said, I want to try out an experiment. I want to do a series of "popularity contests" to prove a point as the Tournament of Goalie Masks winds down. I'm starting with the obvious question for a hockey blog. What's your favorite team?

About halfway down the sidebar is a ginormous poll with 30 possible responses. You're to simply select your favorite team and cast your vote. That's it. I'm curious to see who has more fans visiting the blog. So go VOTE NOW!

4 Million!

As I've mentioned, last week was NHLToL's first birthday. Just wanted to let you guys know that in this past year, we've exceeded 4 million hits. That's astronomical in my book considering I never meant for this blog to do anything.

So I thought I'd take the opportunity to thank you guys for visiting each day. I'll do my best to continue doing whatever it is I've done to keep you coming back. Thanks again. Looking forward to 5 million now!

And The New Title Is...

I appreciate all the "birthday" wishes from you guys for the blog. But as you know, I will be changing the name. NHL Tournament of Logos is on its way out. The reason being it doesn't accurately describe the content of this site.

We did the tournament of logos last year and there will be others in the future, but now this blog has become so much more. I post fan-made concept art and various jersey news on a regular basis and the site has become very well-known for that. Plus, we're not even doing a logo tournament right now. We're holding a tournament of goalie masks.

The point is, this site has become more about the look of hockey in general. Logos, jerseys, masks, etc. Yes we all love the game, but this site is about how our game looks. So I'm taking this opportunity to give the blog a more appropriate title. And that new title is...


Simple. Unique. Relevant. Right? I hope that wasn't a let down for you because I'm just nuts about it. Allow me to explain in detail.

The word aesthetics from which the new title is derived, is defined as a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in art. So to me, Icethetics would be defined similarly as the majority of the readers here have an interest in the "beauty" (or lack thereof) of their teams on the ice. The art of logo and jersey design is a fascinating one to a lot of people and I guess that's pretty much the point of this site — to fill a niche.

In addition to this name change, I'll also be launching a new web site at some point in the future. This blog will keep its format, but the web site will be dedicated to more long term projects. For one thing, I'm going to start compiling a history of logos in the NHL (and perhaps other leagues as well) in a "Logo Museum" of sorts. Same deal with uniforms and things of that nature. A blog just isn't a great format for that sort of thing and I want to branch out into that. By the way, anyone who's interested in helping out in those ventures, please feel free to email me.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think. Obviously your opinion is important to me as you are the reason I bother with this stuff in the first place. I suppose if the reaction is overwhelmingly negative, we'll have to go back to the drawing board. But I do think this name is the most appropriate. It also will allow me to begin incorporating other leagues into the same site — not just the NHL.

By the way, kudos to Charlie from Sabres, Not Slugs for planting the idea of Icethetics in my head in the first place.

UPDATE (4:47 PM): One more thing I forgot to add. Anyone interested in designing a logo based around the new name, Icethetics, and the tag "the look of hockey," (or feel free to come up with a better tag) my inbox awaits your creative prowess. Send your work to

The one I like the best will be featured on the site. Or if I can't choose, I'll do what I do best — a poll. Or if I like none of them, I'll use my own design (which I highly doubt will happen).

Happy Birthday To NHLToL!

Happy birthday to us! Today is officially the first anniversary of the NHL Tournament of Logos blog. I launched it one year ago today to little fanfare and, well, no one would know about it for another couple of months. That is, until I started posting news and rumors regarding the Rbk EDGE jerseys that were released last summer.

Anyway, today I'll be unveiling the new name of the blog and a cool new addition to the Tournament of Logos family of blogs. (Don't worry, it's not another blog.) Originally I planned on posting a poll to let you guys decide on the new name, and don't get me wrong I appreciate all the input, but one suggestion spawned an idea for the absolute perfect name to describe what this site is all about. You'll see what I mean later on when I write the post.

In the meantime, you know there's nothing I love more than promoting a good announcement. So check back later to see what the new name will be. And happy birthday to us!

Get GFB Jerseys For NHL 08

When I first announced the partnership with Matt (aka GhettoFarmBoy), I told you you'd be able to download his designs to incorporate into your PC version of NHL 08. Below are the step-by-step instructions from Dave (who transferred the illustrations to be used in the video game).


First of all, this is only for the PC version of the game. Xbox and Playstation, or any other system cannot be edited. You need a few things first. I will try to make this as simple as possible, but for first time game modders, it might be a little complicated.

To download anything from, you must first be a registered member. You can view anything without registering, but again, to download, you must register.

Things Needed:
1. EA Sport’s “NHL 07” or “NHL 08” for PC.
2. NHLView - This is available here.
3. Tools for NHL08 - This is available here.
4. Any of my GhettoFarmBoy released jerseys - These are available here:
Devils | Islanders | Thrashers | Ducks

Now, what to do with what you have?

First, NHLView:
Once downloaded, just open up the nhlview.exe program.
- An “Open NHL Database” window pops up.
- Check “Static Database” and load “C:\program files\ea sports\NHL 08\db\db.viv”
(For NHL 07, use “C:\program files\ea sports\NHL 07\db\db.viv”)
- Check “Exibition Rosters Database” and load “my documents\NHL 08\exhibition.exh”
(For NHL 07, use “my documents\NHL 07\exhibition.exh”)
- Now click “Open”
- Once open, you have to change the jersey count as per my jersey installation instructions available on each jersey’s download page.
- To do this, click the “Teams” tab.
- Select your team you are editing
- Where it says “Number of Jerseys”, change as instructed on the installation page.
- Now, click somewhere else, anywhere else (important step or you cannot save it), then hit “Save”.

Now for the Tools for NHL08:
- Download this pack and unzip it to your “C:\program files\ea sports\NHL 08” folder.
(For NHL 07, it’s C:\program files\ea sports\NHL 07” folder.)
** Note** - These instructions are for Windows XP. Vista users need special steps as described on the Tools for NHL08 page.

- Now download any of my jersey files and unzip to your” “C:\program files\ea sports\NHL 08” folder.
(For NHL 07, it’s C:\program files\ea sports\NHL 07” folder.)
- Run the “.bat” file included with the jersey file as per instructed in the jersey’s installation instruction.
- Run the “Bimport08” file.

That’s it! As long as the person is using a legitimate copy of NHL 07 or NHL 08, everything should work, and the jerseys available when the jersey selection screen appears in game.

To see my thread on, visit here.
For any other questions regarding add-ons, visit the forums.

I hope this all makes sense and is clear enough for everyone.


If you have any problems with these instructions, unfortunately I would be completely unable to help you. Just visit Dave's page at Hockey Downloads and with any luck he'll be able to help you out. Enjoy!

Confirmed Third Jerseys For '08

According to a Canadian retailer, 18 NHL clubs have confirmed third jerseys for the coming season. I will not divulge my source here because this is just for fun and no one needs to be losing their job over it. If you're skeptical, there's nothing wrong with that.

Anyhow, with the disclaimer out of the way, below are the teams with "confirmed" third jerseys for next season, in alphabetical order.

  • Atlanta Thrashers

  • Boston Bruins

  • Buffalo Sabres

  • Carolina Hurricanes

  • Chicago Blackhawks

  • Dallas Stars

  • Edmonton Oilers

  • Los Angeles Kings

  • Minnesota Wild

  • New York Islanders

  • Ottawa Senators

  • Philadelphia Flyers

  • Phoenix Coyotes

  • San Jose Sharks

  • St. Louis Blues

  • Tampa Bay Lightning

  • Toronto Maple Leafs

  • Vancouver Canucks

Obviously there are discrepancies here from earlier rumors involving the Pittsburgh Penguins. The last thing we heard, by way of the Tribune-Review, was that the club was seeking permission to get third jerseys featuring the powder blue design worn at the Winter Classic in January. Either they were denied by the league or the information I have here is incomplete.

Now, aside from the Pens, this list meshes perfectly with the big list I posted a month ago. I suggest reading that post for information regarding possible design rumors that have been floating around.

Rumors: The Big List | All third jersey news

If pictures become available prior to official unveilings, I'll be sure to have them posted for your perusal.

Name This Blog

This is my official post announcing my intentions to rename the NHL Tournament of Logos blog. It's a huge task that I cannot undertake on my own.

In the comments of this post, I would like you guys to start putting forth ideas for a new title. After a few days, I'm going to assemble a poll with some of the best options and on the blog's birthday (May 9), announce it's new name!

Here's an important thing to note when coming up with your ideas. Because people have bookmarks, I don't want to change the site's address. So we're staying put at All I need from you guys is a new title only. (After we have that, we'll hold a contest to design a logo for the blog.)

It's all going to be up to you guys, so let's have your ideas!

NHLToL & GhettoFarmBoy Joining Forces!

The big changes here at NHLToL are beginning. Today I'm announcing that this blog is partnering up with popular NHL concept artist GhettoFarmBoy (whose real name is Matt) to bring you some of the highest quality fan artwork around.

A lot of you have been big fans of his work for a long time and as of today, this blog is your official source for all of his work. I'm also using this post to unveil his most recent NHL rebranding set, featuring my team, the Tampa Bay Lightning.

But first, a message from Matt himself.

First off, I want to thank all the loyal readers who have for followed Chris's blog as well as my concept series. And of course, I would also like to thank Chris for running such a great site. I'm really going to enjoy being his partner in crime...

The reason I started the Rebranding the NHL series was to give the fans of NHL teams the logos and uniforms they deserve. I remember starting RtNHL shortly after the Buffalo Sabres introduced the "buffaslug", even though almost the entire fan base wanted a return (or something similar) to the retro identity. I wanted to see if I could do better job than the people doing the rebranding, and well, the rest is history...

By making this series an interactive fan experience, it allows RtNHL to fulfill it's purpose: give the fans what they want. Now, fans can guide the rebranding to what they would like see. You (the fans) will be able to choose which team to rebrand, the colors, the logos, almost anything!

But it doesn't stop there. Through all of Dave's hard work, you will soon be able to use my rebranding series in EA Sports NHL series. So not only will you be able to dictate your team's rebranding, but you can also play as you team with your logos and uniforms! You become, in a way, the owner of your team, which is actually true in som regards, because without you, there wouldn't be an NHL to begin with...

So be sure to stop by, participate, and voice your opinion!


Now check out the logos.

And the jerseys are killer.

I wish the Bolts could look this good. I especially like the blue third jersey.

What else is on the horizon?

In his note, Matt mentioned that our friend Dave will be making these designs available to use in video games. Here are some samples of what that will look like.

I'll have more to come on this.

Also, I'm working on some other stuff as well. The blog is going to undergo a facelift. But before that, it's going to get a completely new identity. "NHL Tournament of Logos" just doesn't accurately describe this blog anymore. We've become so much more than that. In fact, there isn't even a logo tournament going on right now. Plus, the site's becoming well known for the concept art you guys send in. We need a title that's more appropriate and you guys are going to decide on it. If you have ideas, hold onto them. I'll be asking for submissions soon.

Plus, I'm going to start incorporating a new logo set that's vastly different from what is used now. You can see a sample below. I hope you guys like it.

Post your thoughts below and stay tuned over the next few days as I make more announcements.

One More Day...

As you know, I've got quite a day planned for tomorrow.

More than a month ago I mentioned Matt (aka GhettoFarmBoy) was working on the next team in his NHL rebranding series. Many of you have surmised that the "big" thing coming on May 1 is that design. You might be on to something.

But that's not even half of what's to come tomorrow. It's going to be a big day and a lot is going to be changing here. I realize that most of you are happy with the way the blog is now, but these changes will only serve to improve things. And you guys will be involved in these changes in a big way!

So if you want to know how NHLToL will be different for our first birthday (which is May 9), then be sure to drop in throughout the day tomorrow. If you're a fan of the blog, you really won't want to miss this.

Until then!

Big Update To Gallery

Not sure how many of you still check out the Concepts Gallery. It's been getting ignored a little lately by me, but you'll be glad to know I just added nearly 300 graphics to the gallery. Almost every album has at least one new image.

Most of the images in the Concepts Gallery have been featured at some point on the blog. Others are exclusive to the gallery. Enjoy!