LFV Day 6: Last Day In Canada


Well, today is a sad day for me. My flight back to Tampa is tonight. I have to leave this wonderful weather (yes, I know it's raining right now) and go back to work on Wednesday. And since I've been away, the Lightning just keep losing. So this concept post is meant to honor all those teams that defeated the Bolts in my absence.

The teams I'm talking about would be the New Jersey Devils, Columbus Blue Jackets, and of course, the Philadelphia Flyers. We'll start with them.

Also got a white version of that.

Not a bad design at all. There are also a couple of orange ones with the alternate Flyers logo.

This one is based on the old New York Islanders third jersey.

And speaking of alternate logos, here's something different.

Not really sure what to say about those. Not normal but not quite crazy enough to warrant a Friday post.

We've also got a very sharp jersey set for the Blue Jackets.

And a fan suggesting they switch from red pants to blue.

And either wishful thinking that one day a certain Sedin will find his way to Columbus or the idea that the Jackets would look better in a jersey with striping similar to the Canucks.

Moving on now to the New Jersey Devils. Here's a black concept without the circle in the logo.

My feeling is that if you're going to dump the circle, you need to make some upgrades to the rest of the logo. Something like this might work well.

Continuing on the tack of black jerseys, there's this one.

Very nice. Then there's this set.

Those jerseys look like hoodies to me, though. Maybe I'm just losing my mind. And finally, here's why it's a good thing that the Devils dumped green out of the logo and uniforms.

It looks bad!

And that's it for this afternoon. Gotta get things packed up and maybe take one last walk around the city before heading to the airport this evening. Bye Vancouver!

LFV Day 3: Possible Sens Preview?


My Vancouver trip is nearly half over as of tonight. Makes me kind of sad. By the way, the comments in the last post are absolutely hysterical. And I do mean that in every sense of the word. If you're looking for a good laugh, allow me to direct your attention there.

Anyway, on to the real subject of this evening's post. I got an email from a reader wondering whether we might have a preview of a possible Ottawa Senators third jersey on our hands. He sent me the photo along with the following email.

Hey Chris, hope you are enjoying your canadian getaway, lets get down to business, I happen to have a brother who has a friend who playes "AAAA" hockey at the Bantam level, and his team is the senators...interestingly enough the teams jerseys are gold with "Senators" across the front a la Rangers. Here is a picture of these jerseys, and judging from your "rumor" these might be similar to the new Ottawa jerseys. I am in the midst of putting this onto an RBK template so you can get a better look at it.

Now here's the picture he's referencing.

Obviously, this isn't the real thing, but perhaps it's a hint of what's to come? Only time will tell for sure, but even if you just look at it as nothing more than concept art, it still paints an interesting picture.

And while we're on the subject of alternate Sens jerseys, here's another gold one.

That's all for now. I'm going out to dinner tonight so I've got to get ready. I might have some more concept art for you when I get back.

LFV Day 2: Amazing Hockey


Just got back to my hotel from the Canucks game a little while ago. It was unbelievable. Having experienced a long playoff run and a Stanley Cup championship in Tampa, I thought I knew what exciting hockey was. Wow. I didn't know anything.

It's not even the playoffs. It was a big game for the Canucks tonight, but not that big, you know? The atmosphere in that building was incredible. Absolutely unforgettable. I realized that I'd never really been to a hockey game until I went to one in Canada.

I'm sure I sound a little crazy, but for as big a hockey fan as I am, it's just a great feeling to be surrounded by people who feel the same way about the game. Yeah, we don't have that in Tampa. Not to mention, five goals in the first six minutes, that was pretty intense.

Earlier in the day, I walked around Stanley Park and visited the aquarium. Just in general, this city is pretty awesome. Vancouverites, I love your town! Mind if I stay?

Anyway, one more thing before I sign off for the night. Concepts! Got a couple for the Canucks and a bonus for the Nashville Predators, their opponent tonight. First one's my favorite.

Love the logo. Love the green jerseys. Love it all. (I love it so much maybe I'll marry it.)

Another design I've got here incorporates the same cool logo but it just doesn't work well for me, overall.

And we continue this downward tumble with a yellow Preds jersey. No, this wasn't meant to be an in-your-face for the Canucks' big win tonight, it was just all I had.

I really don't like yellow jerseys. Only seems to look good on the Swedes.

And finally, I leave you with a glimpse of the game — specifically the singing of the national anthems — from my particular vantage point in section 329.