0037: A Possible Fix for Pittsburgh?

Last week I lent voice to the opinion that the Pittsburgh Penguins are overdue for a uniform overhaul. They wear a generic template with washed out colors and a weak design. I'm not saying Alan Waldron has the perfect solution, but this is certainly a step in the right direction. It minds the club's near half-century of history with bold lines and a design that stands out. If it were me, the one thing I'd change: forget Vegas gold and go with full on Penguins yellow from back in the day. Where do Pittsburgh fans stand on the matter?

Having said mine, it's only fair now that I let Alan say his peace on the design:

I kept the Pens 5-stripe pattern because I like the fact that it's a design element unique to the Penguins and featured on our inaugural uniforms. I know there aren't many people in the 'Burgh that like the diagonal Pittsburgh on the front, so I've included a second option with the circle logo which I think is equally as attractive.