0336: Waddell's Winter Classic, Part 10

The brothers are back! Chance and Jake Waddell return this week with their fauxback Winter Classic series. For the past few months, the pair has been treating us to their interpretations of what all 30 NHL teams might wear to an outdoor game. Two weeks ago, reader Jesse was first to comment and asked to see Dallas and Minnesota. Here they are.

Be the first to comment if you want to select next week's set. Remember, we have just 10 teams left in this series.

0322: Waddell's Winter Classic, Part 9

On this Winter Classic Weekend, we head to the Central Division. The Waddell Brothers have created 30 fauxback style jerseys — one for every NHL team — and we're taking a look at them, two at a time, every Saturday. And every week, you get to pick which teams get posted. Last week, Redneck was first to comment and he picked the Blues and Blackhawks.

Next week, we're taking a brief break from the Waddells to look at a different Winter Classic concept, but they'll be back in two weeks. So if you want to choose which two teams will be up at that point, be first to comment on this post!

0315: Waddell's Winter Classic, Part 8

Another Saturday brings another pair of fauxback Winter Classic jerseys from the Waddell brothers. This time, as requested last week by Joe Langdon, it's Detroit and Carolina. Guess that's what the Hurricanes might've looked like in 1997 had they kept the Whalers' colors.

As usual, first to comment picks the next set of teams. Be quick!

0308: Waddell's Winter Classic, Part 7

Two brothers. Thirty teams. Nothing but fauxbacks.

Our Winter Classic Weekend series has been handed over to Chance and Jake Waddell for the time being. The pair has produced retro style jerseys for all 30 NHL clubs in this year of the first canceled Winter Classic. Last week, Jeremy was first to comment so he got to pick the two teams we look at this week. And he wanted the Canadiens and Senators.

Would you like to choose the next two teams? You know what to do.

0301: Waddell's Winter Classic, Part 6

Our Winter Classic Weekends series continues to be brought to you by the Brothers Waddell. Chance and Jake have designed "fauxback" jerseys for all 30 NHL teams and week by week you guys are deciding which teams to see next. Last Saturday, Adam R. selected the Avalanche and Devils.

If you want to pick next week's teams, be the first to comment on this post!