0569: Fixing the Ducks

Dylan Alexander may have the cure for what ails the Anaheim Ducks. This green and orange number would certainly set them apart from the rest of the league — and do it in a way that didn't involve the heavy overuse of black.

By the way, Dylan is using the new IceBorn jersey template by Matt McElroy, now featured on Icethetics' new Templates page. Download a copy and give it a whirl.

0441: A Chicago Classic

On Wednesday, the NHL announced the first of reportedly six outdoor games next winter as part of the 2014 Stadium Series. Among them will be the Chicago Blackhawks hosting the Pittsburgh Penguins. Today, Dylan Alexander brings us a rather black and white take on a potential "Winter Classic" style throwback.

0396: A Rare Habs Redesign

It's not often the Montreal Canadiens grace the Concepts page. Their uniforms are pretty much perfect — and the epitome of what every other NHL team strives for — so why bother? But if the Habs ever did want to change it up a bit without losing their identity, Dylan Alexander has a pair of jerseys that would fit the bill. Or so I say. What do you say?

0358: The Eskimo Brothers

As promised, I'm launching a new concept series today. Beer League Sundays! So if you like to design logos and jerseys for amateur teams — real or fake — send them along! We kick things off with Dylan Alexander who proposed this series. His first team is called the Eskimo Brothers. If you have a great beer league concept, send it along and look for it right here on Sunday.

0331: Put Back the Purple

Who else is in favor of the Los Angeles Kings bringing back purple? Their black and silver look is just so dull, isn't it? I like Dylan Alexander's concept, even if it does feature a Burger King third jersey. I kind of like that guy. He's grown on me over the years.