Desert Green

As the Arizona Coyotes embark on a new era, perhaps a uniform upgrade is in order. And maybe it could involve more than two colors. Justin Wiltron spices things up with a little green.

Another Flawless Fix for Ottawa

Over the years, I'm sure I've posted many concepts that elegantly demonstrate how easy it would be to raise the Ottawa Senators among the elite teams in terms of jersey design. What they have now is, frankly, terrible. It's just bad. And it's been around too long.

Justin Wiltron is the latest to show us one of the great possibilities that needs to become a reality. Or maybe I'm overhyping it. What's your take?

A Pitt of Gold


The Penguins are on track to add a new third jersey this fall. Justin Wiltron had a couple of ideas when it comes to choosing the color.

Here are some Penguins concepts that dive into the very underrated color of gold, one that should be used in sports more often. One is a normal concept and the other, well, it goes back to some very old Pittsburgh Pirates days, perfect for a Freak Out Friday.

I don't think his Pirates homage was that freaky. You decide.

Perhaps this could be a future Winter Classic possibility for the Pens?

Unique Utica

One of the complaints that came with the introduction of the AHL's Utica Comets was its reliance on the look of its parent club. The Comets wear Canucks jerseys with a different logo on the front. Last week, a couple of people asked to see a concept and a couple of artists obliged.

Matt McElroy submitted the design above, writing: "Here's my take on a Comets "clash" style jersey. I've gotten sort of tired of the traditional home and away set up so this jersey is design to just be a "clash" to what the other team wears. Home or road; doesn't matter."

Justin Wiltron went in a slightly different direction, changing the team's primary color to green. Or perhaps this would work as a nice third jersey.

0654: Dodger Stadium Sketches

Tomorrow, the Ducks and Kings unveil the jerseys they will wear at their 2014 Stadium Series meeting in January. Since more unveilings are likely around the corner, this is Stadium Series Week on the Concepts page!

First up is Justin Cox. His set is not strictly based on recent rumors as much as wishful thinking. What a great looking game this would be if the teams actually wore these uniforms.

Another Justin is next. Justin Wiltron went in an interesting direction. Though it might be a little too retro-themed for the Stadium Series.

Finally, Jake Miller was inspired by the unveiling of the Islanders' Stadium jersey when he designed this one for the Ducks. Think any of these guys are on the right track? We won't have to wait long to find out.