African Olympic Dreams

Hey, if Jamaica can have a bobsled team, why can't the Ivory Coast have an ice hockey team? Okay, there are plenty of reasons why. And the Ivory Coast is not one of the four African countries that does play hockey. But that hasn't stopped Jared Pozzobon from coming up with a jersey design — you know, should they ever need it.

0263: Miami Dolphins Meet Hockey

No-Hockey Week picks up with the NFL today. Jared Pozzobon suspects the Miami Dolphins might look a little something like this if they wore hockey uniforms. (See also, the IceHL's Tampa Bay Barracudas.)

0256: Happy Halloween from Vegas

We're celebrating Halloween and Minor League Week all at the same time with a complete Las Vegas Wranglers uniform set created by Jared Pozzobon. This one was actually submitted before the Wranglers did their logo and uniform overhaul over the summer. But I kind of like the look. And if the IceHL jersey voting contest was any indication, I'm betting most of you will too. (I'm referring to all the chest striping.)

0085: Revising '90s Vancouver

The Vancouver Canucks are starring on the back half of this Retro Weekend. That's mainly because today is my wife's birthday and she likes the Canucks and Cory Schneider. And this is the only way I'll ever get her to look at the site. As luck would have it, Jared Pozzobon has just the ticket. So happy birthday to her! To the rest of you, how do you like this modernization of a very 1990s Canucks jersey?

0067: Third Jersey for the Jets?

A third jersey for the Winnipeg Jets, anyone? Jared Pozzobon swapped the primary and secondary logos on this one and made red a much more prominent uniform color. But it feels like it's missing something.