Classic Nashville

Caz Williams shares a set of Nashville Predators uniforms with a more traditional flavor. Clean and classic, if you ask me. What do you think?

0454: Twist on a Habs Classic

Yesterday we looked at a redesign of the untouchable Red Wings. Today, it's the similarly untouchable Canadiens. But unlike the former, the latter should really not be allowed to happen. Ever. Welcome to another Freak Out Friday. I applaud the great effort from Caz Williams, but I'm not sure a faux sash should be worn by the most historic franchise in the NHL.

0297: Sunshine State Sweater

As most of the continent starts to feel the grip of winter, let's remind ourselves that it's almost 80 degrees in Florida right now. And while today may not be sunny, Caz Williams has a rather sunny jersey idea for the Panthers.

0212: Seattle Thunderbirds

Didn't mean to focus on Seattle two days in a row but today is the start of Junior Hockey Week on the Concepts page. I've received a number of Canadian Hockey League designs and this will be my opportunity to show them off. We're kicking things off with the WHL"s Seattle Thunderbirds.