Flannel Freak Out

Should Colin May's flannel third jersey find its way to Vancouver in the future? Or should it be permanently consigned to the Freak Out Friday zone?

Freak Out About Gradients

The quickest way to a Freak Out Friday feature is a heavy use of gradients. The funny thing about Colin May's pair of Vancouver jerseys is he's just borrowing actual designs from Canucks history. The first two third jerseys the team ever wore used gradients, just never in these colors.

Freaky Habs

Freak Out Friday takes us to Montreal this week. Colin May recently designed a third jersey that's a little out there. But I think it could work!

Flame Out Friday

Colin May is not normally in the Freak Out Friday business, but I wasn't sure how else to categorize this third jersey design for the Calgary Flames.

Desert Alternate

Well, Monday is here again. How about a little something to brighten it up? Colin May has a pretty solid third jersey idea for the Arizona Coyotes.