Stadium Canes

If the Hurricanes ever get the chance to participate in an NHL Stadium Series game, this is what Alan John Herbert hopes they'll wear. Not too shabby.

Heating Up

The Stockton Heat are basically minor league replicas of the Calgary Flames. How great would it be to see them in something all their own? Alan John Herbert's design would be an instant classic.

Danish Design

Going back to the Olympic well for this one. Alan John Herbert offers a unique take on Team Denmark today. What do you think?

Michigan Pride

It's a College Saturday double-header from Alan John Herbert starring the Spartans and Wolverines. Alan proposes these jerseys for an outdoor game between the big schools from Michigan.

When the two got together at Spartan Stadium in 2001, they set a world record for the largest crowd at a hockey game with almost 75,000. In 2010, a rematch was held at Michigan Stadium before a crowd of more than 104,000 — a record which still stands today.

European Olympic Dreams

Greece isn't exactly known for its ice hockey prowess, but that's the point of this theme week. We're looking at countries that did not qualify for Sochi. Alan John Herbert came up with this stripe-heavy set. It's a good look and immediately identifiable as Greek.

Icethetics' only Portuguese reader (probably) is Diogo Ferreira and he sent in this jersey design for his home country. It's based on the uniform for a sport that's a little more popular in there — soccer. Unfortunately, I understand Portugal no longer has a national hockey team, which only played three games during its existence. But Diogo assures me there are plenty of NHL fans.