Barca Freak Out Dos

Last fall, David Parkinson was inspired by FC Barcelona's stripe swap and created some hockey sweaters with vertical stripes. He's back at it with a set for last year's Stadium Series game between San Jose and Los Angeles.

Spitting Fire

David Parkinson invents a sharp, new look for the OHL's Windsor Spitfires. He writes a mock press release for the redesign, saying:

With striping that reflects the decals used on Spitfire fighter planes during WWII, we can be sure that no matter where we go, we will be recognized as a hockey club rich in tradition and winning.
A New Era of Spitfires Hockey Is About to Takeoff

Goodbye to Gold

Word is the Penguins are switching back to classic gold full time next season. So this concept from David Parkinson may be one of the last we see in Vegas gold. Anything's possible, right?

Ontario Blackout

The AHL's Ontario Reign look an awful lot like the L.A. Kings from just down the road. But this third jersey by David Parkinson would give them their own minimalist style.

Rockin' Royals

On Sundays we visit the minors. This week we visit Victoria, B.C. to see a classic option for the WHL's Royals from David Parkinson.