Dress Like a Coyote

Remember that classic Phoenix Coyotes logo from the '90s? What if the uniform the coyote wore was the third jersey the players wore? Scott Dempsey offers this to freak you out.

Freaked Out in Seatown

Scott Dempsey would like to share this with us. He writes:

[This] is the Seattle Krakens. In the interest of attribution, the teal color and elbow pattern come from the Seattle city flag. That pattern reminded me of tentacles, which reminded me of the very nice House Greyjoy sigil from Game of Thrones. I changed it a bit, and I couldn't find an artist to attribute it to, but that's where it comes from.

As an Emerald City resident, I am sufficiently freaked.

New Mexico Atomics

Our newest Sunday series is stepping outside the box to break up the stream of concepts designed for existing teams. This week Scott Dempsey presents his idea for a southwestern team called the New Mexico Atomics.

It's the bomb.

I'll show myself out.

0690: Pittsburgh Preview

The rumors have been floating around that a new third jersey is on the way in Pittsburgh. Could this retro-inspired set by Scott Dempsey be a preview of what's to come?

0641: A Bear of a Jersey

Perhaps a little something for a future outdoor game starring the Bruins? Scott Dempsey put together this gold jersey. Are you a fan?