Barber Poles

Yesterday I mentioned the 2018-19 season will see third jerseys return. It's also likely to see some teams introduce new uniforms. I'm keeping my finger crossed for the Senators — as it seems is Steven Grant. It's a bit unusual and maybe more suited to a Freak Out Friday, but if I'm being completely honest, I wouldn't hate seeing this on NHL ice. I really wouldn't.


Gold and Brown

Forget black and yellow, Steven Grant gives the Boston Bruins a makeover with brown and gold. Though it's hard to deny it's inching toward UPS territory, it's a pretty solid look.


A Bit More Orange

Happy Thanksgiving! Steven Grant offers us a clean update to the Anaheim Ducks sweaters featuring a bit more orange than before.

Wearing It On Their Sleeves

Steven Grant has a new look for the Tampa Bay Lightning, which involves giant bolts that run from the chest all the way down the sleeves. Interesting idea.


Fixing Nashville

With the new season underway, it's become pretty evident that the Nashville Predators' new Adidas jerseys are a big swing-and-a-miss. Those yellow shoulders on the white jersey? It's not working. But that said, Steven Grant has a possible solution for us today.