Bolt Basics

Oh, how I've missed getting contributions from Nick Burton. His new concept for the Tampa Bay Lightning is exactly what the Bolts need. It's a great way to re-incorporate black and make them look a little less like the Leafs.


Throwback For a Third

It's going to be an exciting year as third jerseys are reintroduced across the NHL. Nick Burton proposes a retro-inspired alternate for the San Jose Sharks.


Classically Simple Sabres

This simple throwback by Nick Burton is all Buffalo Sabres fans have ever asked for. Why can't the team seem to make it happen?


Storm Flags

Nick Burton has a quick fix for the Carolina Hurricanes today. The storm flag striping really is the obvious go-to. The team should never have dropped it.


A Devils Fix

Nick Burton has taken a shot at fixing the New Jersey Devils' uniforms. It's really just the striping that needs some help and this retro design could be just the ticket.