Spotlight: Six Zero

The IceHL Artist Spotlight series continues this weekend with one of the project's most prolific artists — and as determined by a vote in today's Live Chat. Six Zero, known in the real world as Scott Robbins, had 13 logo sets become finalists. He submitted for many other teams beyond that.

Among his long list of finalists, seen above: the Cavalry, Hitmen, Outlaws, Hellcats, Gators, Nighthawks, Renegades, Scorpions, Sharpshooters, Barracudas, Winterhawks and two for the Sentinels. His instantly recognizable style has brought a level of professionalism to this project that is nearly unmatched.

I asked Scott to share his experience creating amazing logos for the IceHL project. Here's an excerpt of what he had to say.

I remember discovering the IceHL project long after it had already started. One of the other reasons I wanted to take part in the project was to gauge response. I know my own work and hold myself to very high standards, but this was a good venue to see how complete strangers might feel and react to my solutions.

Sports branding is about communicating a personality and identity for a team and not at all like an artist who's expressing himself in a painting. Therefore, these designs can never be about what I want solely; it has to be capable of attracting many people who are willing to wear and be emotionally invested in that identity.

I was most pleased of the Baltimore Blue Crabs crest and, of course, it didn’t make the cut. I also enjoyed doing my liederhosen-wearing Lagers character, which was later converted to a Leprechaun in a freelance poster design. Neither of these were chosen as an Icethetics finalist, but I am very proud of both.

As for background, I am a professional designer and have actually traded in my office chair for the classroom, where I teach Adobe products and design theory at the university level in the northeast. I once entertained the idea of writing up bids as my own sports branding firm, but at this stage of the game it probably doesn't make sense for me to scrap the security of my career to basically start over as a freelancer. Although, stranger things have happened — if a side door to the main stage ever opens, I will certainly be tempted to jump through it!

Your next opportunity to vote for one of Scott's logos will be on Monday when the Tampa Bay Barracudas kick off another week of IceHL logo voting.

If you have a question or comment for him, feel free to add it below. Approved comments will appear within 48 hours of submission. The Artist Spotlight series continues tomorrow. In the meantime, make sure you've gotten your votes in for our available polls before they close!