The NHL is bringing back third jerseys in the 2018-19 season! That should bring plenty of excitement to JerseyWatch 2018. We won't see them for all 31 teams this year, but 15 to 20 clubs are expected to add alternate uniforms.

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NHL Third Jersey Reveals

Here's a quick overview of the NHL third jerseys that have been officially announced so far.

Latest Updates

  • 8/13: Vancouver Canucks announce 50th anniversary throwback jersey; Rockford IceHogs (AHL) unveil 20th anniversary logo.
  • 8/1: St. Louis Blues set third jersey unveiling for Aug. 26; Arizona Coyotes announce plans to retire No. 19 jersey for Shane Doan.
  • 7/31: Added Kalamazoo Wings (ECHL) 45th anniversary logo; Boston Bruins announce plans to retire No. 16 jersey for Rick Middleton; Newfoundland Growlers (ECHL) unveil uniforms and inaugural season logo.
  • 7/29: Added update to St. Louis Blues third jersey.

Upcoming Dates

  • 8/26: St. Louis Blues will unveil third jersey at Ice Breaker (starts 6pm CT).
  • 10/21: Anaheim Ducks will retire No. 9 jersey for Paul Kariya.
  • 11/29: Boston Bruins will retire No. 16 jersey for Rick Middleton.
  • 2/17/19: Anaheim Ducks will retire No. 27 jersey for Scott Niedermayer.
  • 2/24/19: Arizona Coyotes will retire No. 19 jersey for Shane Doan.

Adidas Catalog

Adidas has yet to release anything official regarding new third jerseys — probably to let the teams handle their own announcements. But on May 16, Reddit user "humanpizza" posted an image of what he says is "the official list from the catalog."

The page shows 19 NHL teams with blank jerseys labeled "confidential." Some of the details make me think the page is legitimate. You can judge for yourself. Beyond that, other sources have provided similar information to Icethetics.

via reddit / humanpizza

Anaheim Ducks

  • Third Jersey: Unveiled, July 21. Ducks introduced jersey at a beach party event for fans; new design features throwback-inspired elements and will be worn for 15 home games including opener. [7/21]
  • 25th Anniversary: Logo unveiled in December; jersey patch first seen at the NHL Draft. [12/11]
  • Jersey Retirements: Ducks will retire two numbers in 2018-19 — No. 9 for Paul Kariya on Oct. 21 (vs. Sabres) and No. 27 for Scott Niedermayer on Feb. 17 (vs. Capitals). [7/9]

Arizona Coyotes

  • Third Jersey: Unveiled, June 22. Coyotes introduced the black 1996 throwback sweater just prior to the draft; team has worn it for a handful of games since 2014-15. [6/22]
  • Schedule: The Coyotes will wear the Kachina-style jersey for Saturday home games during the 2018-19 season, including the home opener on Oct. 6.
  • Jersey Retirement: Coyotes will retire No. 19 jersey for Shane Doan on Feb. 24 (vs. Jets). [8/1]

Boston Bruins

  • Third Jersey: Unlikely.
  • 2019 Winter Classic: Bruins will face Chicago at Notre Dame; a throwback jersey expected. [11/18]
  • Notes: This will be the Bruins' first time as the visiting team in the Winter Classic so I expect to see their first white throwback sweater since 1991-92.
  • Jersey Retirement: Bruins will retire No. 16 jersey for Rick Middleton on Nov. 29 (vs. Islanders). [7/31]

Buffalo Sabres

  • Third jersey: Unlikely.
  • Notes: The Sabres will likely stay out of the jersey mix this year but 2019-20 marks their 50th anniversary season. For their 40th, they added a royal blue sweater. Just saying.

Calgary Flames

  • Third Jersey: Expected. Flames wore a throwback third from 2009 to 2013 and resurrected it in 2016; could return in 2018-19.

Carolina Hurricanes

  • Third Jersey: Unveiled, June 22. Hurricanes introduced the black sweater prior to the draft; design features new rest and "storm grey" shoulders. [6/22]
  • Throwback: Possible. After Tom Dundon took over majority ownership of the team in January, he spoke to WRAL radio about doing more to embrace the franchise's past as the Hartford Whalers, namely by "playing games in that jersey." It's too soon to say whether a one-off Whalers jersey is possible for 2018-19, but we'll keep an eye on it. For the record, 2019 marks 40 years since the Whalers originally joined the NHL after the WHA folded in 1979. [1/30]

Chicago Blackhawks

  • Third Jersey: Unlikely.
  • 2019 Winter Classic: Blackhawks will face Boston at Notre Dame; throwback jersey expected. [11/18]
  • Notes: After the Leafs wore those Toronto Arenas jerseys last year, the Blackhawks became the only Original Six team that hasn't used their inaugural jersey in some form in recent years. Wouldn't it be nice if they fixed that?

Colorado Avalanche

  • Third Jersey: Expected. Avalanche debuted a navy blue third in 2015 with a crest inspired by the Colorado Rockies; it's likely to return in 2018-19.

Columbus Blue Jackets

  • Third Jersey: Expected. Blue Jackets debuted a navy blue third in 2010 with a cannon-centric crest; the sweater has been popular with fans and a version of it is likely to return in 2018-19.
  • Update: In early May, the team's 2018-19 branding guide was posted to an online portfolio belonging to a designer with the Blue Jackets. It seems to show the third jersey design remaining mostly unchanged, apart from the new name and number font which is being carried over from the primary uniforms; via Behance. [7/24]
  • Report: No formal jersey unveiling is expected with little changing from the previous design; via George Richards. [6/20]

Dallas Stars

  • Third Jersey: Unlikely.
  • Notes: The last time the Stars had a regular third jersey in rotation was 2010-11. They launched a new logo and uniforms in 2013-14. No sources have indicated the possibility of a third for the Stars, but maybe the time has come.

Detroit Red Wings

  • Third Jersey: Unlikely.
  • Notes: The Red Wings are one of a handful of teams that has never had a regular third jersey. That's not likely to change in 2018-19.

Edmonton Oilers

  • Third Jersey: Expected. Oilers most likely to bring back blue as an alternate sweater.
  • Notes: The Oilers have alternated between royal and navy blue sweaters throughout their existence in the NHL; one of these colors is likely for the team's new third jersey.
  • 40th Anniversary: A royal blue throwback could tie in nicely for the 40th anniversary. No word on a logo yet, but we may see something by September.
  • 2018 Global Series: Oilers will face New Jersey in Sweden to open 2018-19 season; historically, teams have not worn special jerseys for overseas games.

Possible confirmation of blue third jersey for Oilers.

Florida Panthers

  • Third Jersey: Unlikely.
  • 2018 Global Series: Panthers will face Winnipeg in Finland this November; historically, teams have not worn special jerseys for overseas games.
  • Notes: The Panthers just redesigned their logos and uniforms in 2016-17. But a new third jersey could come as early as 2019-20.
  • 25th Anniversary: Logo unveiled June 15; will be worn as jersey patch in 2018-19. [6/15]

Los Angeles Kings

  • Third Jersey: Expected. Kings likely to bring back a version of the grey third jersey used in 2016-17 as part of 50th anniversary.
  • Notes: The Kings have introduced a series of grey sweaters starting with their appearances in the NHL Stadium Series in 2014 and 2015. The 50th anniversary jersey was their third; if it returns, don't expect the gold trim to come with it.

Minnesota Wild

  • Third Jersey: Unlikely.
  • Notes: The Wild used a green third jersey from 2009 to 2017. Now that they've returned to green full time, it's hard to imagine where they'd go with a third. I wouldn't expect anything new from Minnesota until at least 2019-20.

Montreal Canadiens

  • Third jersey: Unlikely.
  • Notes: The Canadiens are one of a handful of teams that has never had a regular third jersey. That's not likely to change in 2018-19.

Nashville Predators

  • Third Jersey: Unlikely.
  • Notes: The Predators haven't had a third jersey in rotation since redesigning their logo and uniforms in 2011. While they may not have an alternate in 2018-19, we'll keep an eye on them in 2019-20.

New Jersey Devils

  • Third Jersey: Possible. Devils have used throwback green-trimmed jerseys on occasion since 2009-10; that could be their 2018-19 alternate.
  • Notes: Though sources have offered conflicting reports, the Devils were listed in the Adidas catalog paged leaked on Reddit. That doesn't mean a new jersey is definitely on the way, but if it is, the retro design is most likely.
  • 2018 Global Series: Devils will face Edmonton in Sweden to open 2018-19 season; historically, teams have not worn special jerseys for overseas games.

New York Islanders

  • Third Jersey: Expected. Islanders debuted a black alternate in 2015-16 but wasn't well-received by fans; a new design is most likely here.
  • Notes: A confidential source has told me about some details to look for: orange sweater, blue shoulders, and the "NY" crest from the black jersey.

New York Rangers

  • Third Jersey: Unlikely.
  • Notes: Another Original Six team will probably go without a third jersey in 2018-19. But I wouldn't expect the Rangers to stay out of the mix long. Keep an eye on them for 2019-20.

Ottawa Senators

  • Third Jersey: Unlikely.
  • Notes: There's been a bit of turmoil around the Senators franchise in recent months, so the rumored branding update will probably be on the back burner for a while. [12/16] 

Philadelphia Flyers

  • Third Jersey: Unveiled, July 26. Flyers will bring back 2017 Stadium Series jersey as an alternate; Adidas version unveiled in July. [7/26]
  • Notes: In an Instagram post, the Flyers confirmed the third would be worn for "select games" during the 2018-19 season. [6/22]
  • 2019 Stadium Series: Flyers will host Pittsburgh at Lincoln Financial Field in a rematch of the 2017 Stadium Series; Flyers confirmed new jersey for this game; via @Andrea_Helfrich, Twitter. [3/5]

Pittsburgh Penguins

  • Third Jersey: Expected. In 2014, Penguins debuted throwback third jersey which became their primary in 2016-17; likely to introduce all-new alternate sweater for 2018-19.
  • 2019 Stadium Series: Penguins will face Philadelphia at Lincoln Financial Field in a rematch of the 2017 Stadium Series; new jersey is very likely.
  • Notes: Previous Penguins third jerseys have come from outdoor games — specifically the 2008 and 2011 Winter Classics — but I do not expect them to bring back the one from the 2017 Stadium Series.

San Jose Sharks

  • Third Jersey: Possibly confirmed. Sharks wore a black alternate from 2008 to 2017; sounds like a new design is planned for 2018-19.
  • Notes: During a TV interview on NBCSN California, Sharks co-president Jonathan Becher said the "yelling Shark" logo would become more prominent and the old fin logo would return in a "special surprise appearance" in 2018-19. This could mean San Jose is considering a throwback jersey or at least one that's throwback-inspired. [2/15]
  • 2019 NHL All-Star: As the host, the Sharks will probably wear a patch on their jerseys throughout the 2018-19 season.

St. Louis Blues

  • Third Jersey: Expected. Blues debuted a navy blue third in 2008 with a Gateway Arch-centric crest and wore it until 2016; likely to introduce a new alternate sweater for 2018-19.
  • Unveiling: Blues will unveil their third jersey at their annual Ice Breaker event on Aug. 26. [8/1]
  • Notes: The 2017 Winter Classic throwback went over so well with fans, it's probably a safe bet we'll see something in that realm this fall.
  • ARENA: Scottrade Center renamed Enterprise Center on July 1 as part of a 15-year naming rights agreement with Enterprise. [5/21]

Tampa Bay Lightning

  • Third Jersey: Expected. Lightning debuted an alternate in 2008 with "BOLTS" emblazoned diagonally across the chest and in 2014 they made it black; likely to introduce all-new design this year — but the black should stay.
  • Notes: Sounds like the Lightning may drop the "BOLTS" thing and find a new direction. 

Toronto Maple Leafs

  • Third Jersey: Possible. Changing my tune here. A new report from a confidential source says the St. Pats jerseys could be returning as a third; this aligns with the leaked Adidas document. [6/22]
  • Notes: The Leafs wore the throwback uniform for a game during the 2016-17 season as part of their 100th anniversary celebrations. A lot of fans would probably love to see it return.
  • ARENA: Air Canada Centre renamed Scotiabank Arena on July 1 as part of a 20-year deal. [8/29/17]

Vancouver Canucks

  • Third Jersey: Expected. Canucks debuted a blue alternate featuring their secondary logo in 2008 and used it until 2017; it was a great run but a new design may be possible in 2018-19.
  • 50th Anniversary: The Canucks are already looking ahead to 2019-20 and their 50th anniversary. After an online fan vote, the Canucks announced they will wear a 1989 throwback jersey. [8/13]
  • Notes: The implications of a 50th anniversary jersey on a possible 2018-19 alternate are unclear so far. But it's possible the Canucks will go without a third jersey for one more season.

Vegas Golden Knights

  • Third Jersey: Unlikely.
  • Notes: As they embark on only their second season — after making the Stanley Cup Final, no less — the Golden Knights will stay out of the third jersey fray for the time being.

Washington Capitals

  • Third Jersey: Expected. Capitals debuted white throwback jersey in 2011 and switched to red in 2015; retro design likely to return in 2018-19.

Winnipeg Jets

  • Third Jersey: Expected. Jets will make their first foray into third jersey territory in 2018-19.
  • Notes: The Jets wore a great throwback in the 2016 Heritage Classic, but that version of the Winnipeg franchise is part of Arizona's franchise history now so perhaps an entirely new design is a better bet.
  • 2018 Global Series: Jets will face Florida in Finland this November; historically, teams have not worn special jerseys for overseas games.

2018-19 NHL Events

2018 NHL Global Series

  • Oct 6: Edmonton Oilers and New Jersey Devils will meet for one game to open the regular season in Gothenburg, Sweden. [3/6]
  • Nov 1-2: Florida Panthers and Winnipeg Jets will meet for two games in Helsinki, Finland.
  • Global Series Challenge: In early October, the Devils and Oilers will each complete their training camps and play in preseason exhibition games against local teams in Bern, Switzerland (SC Bern) and Cologne, Germany (Kölner Haie), respectively.

2019 Winter Classic: Notre Dame

  • Jan 1: The 2019 NHL Winter Classic will take place at Notre Dame Stadium in Indiana between the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks. [11/18/17]
  • Event logo featuring a shamrock-centric design was unveiled July 10. [7/10]
  • It will be the Blackhawks' fifth outdoor game appearance in six seasons and fourth Winter Classic since 2009. It will be the Bruins' third Winter Classic appearance since 2010.

2019 All-Star Game: San Jose

  • Jan 25-26: The 2019 NHL All-Star Game will take place at SAP Center in San Jose, Calif. [1/27]
  • The Skills Competition and All-Star Game events were initially scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, respectively. In April, the NHL announced the change to Friday for the Skills Competition and Saturday for the All-Star Game. [4/9]
  • The 3-on-3 mini-tournament format features four divisional teams from the Atlantic, Central, Metropolitan and Pacific. This means four new uniforms are likely for this event.
  • It will be San Jose's second time hosting NHL All-Star Weekend. They were first selected to host in 1995, but the game was canceled due to the lockout that season. They eventually hosted for the first time in 1997.

This placeholder logo was released in January with the announcement. The final design is expected in September.

2019 Stadium Series: Philadelphia

  • Feb 23: The 2019 NHL Stadium Series will include one game taking place at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Penn. The Philadelphia Flyers will host the Pittsburgh Penguins in a rematch of the 2017 Stadium Series. [11/19]
  • The event logo was released on July 23. [7/24]
  • Special uniforms will be worn by both teams. The Flyers officially confirmed theirs in March. Jerseys are likely to be revealed later in the season.

MinorS: AHL

There's more to hockey than the NHL. Here's what's coming in the AHL.

Belleville Senators

  • New secondary logo: The Senators will replace their inaugural season shoulder patch (2017-18) with a new design, announced in May. [5/24]

Chicago Wolves

  • 25th anniversary: Logo unveiled July 11 with 2018-19 season schedule.

Colorado Eagles

  • Transfer: Following back-to-back Kelly Cup championships in the ECHL, the Eagles transfer to the AHL in 2018-19 as its 31st franchise and top minor affiliate of the Colorado Avalanche. [10/10/17]
  • This move allows one-to-one NHL/AHL affiliations. For more, see The NHL Affiliation Situation.

Rockford IceHogs

  • 20th Anniversary: Logo unveiled August 10; the IceHogs include their eight seasons in the United Hockey League beginning in 1999. The current AHL iteration of the franchise relocated from Cincinnati in 2007 and assumed the IceHogs name. [8/10]

San Jose Barracuda

  • New Logo: The Barracuda unveiled a new primary logo and jerseys at the San Jose Sharks Prospects Scrimmage on July 6. [7/8]
  • The original logo was introduced in 2015 and integrated corporate sponsor Barracuda Networks. The new design has no references to the tech company, indicating the partnership likely lapsed.

Springfield Thunderbirds

  • 2019 AHL All-Star: Springfield will host the AHL All-Star Skills Competition on Jan. 27 and the AHL All-Star Challenge on Jan. 28; the event logo was unveiled in June. [6/28]

Syracuse Crunch

  • 25th Anniversary: Logo unveiled July 3; secondary version excludes ribbon element. [7/3]

Texas Stars

  • 10th Anniversary: Team began using logo for online marketing in February. [2/15]

W-B/Scranton Penguins

  • 20th Anniversary: Team began using logo for online marketing in June.

Minors: ECHL

There are some great ECHL identities — here's what's changing in 2018.

Adirondack Thunder

  • New Uniforms: The Thunder announced redesigned uniforms in February, removing yellow from their color scheme. [2/5]
  • New Logo: The Thunder began using a yellow-free version of their primary logo in May; they also unveiled a new shoulder patch via Twitter. [5/24]

Allen Americans

  • 10th Anniversary: In May, the Americans unveiled their 10th anniversary logo, to be used throughout the 2018-19 season. [5/19]

Atlanta Gladiators

  • New logos: The Gladiators have revised their primary logo (new font) and added a new ligature mark for the 2018-19 season. [5/22]

Kalamazoo Wings

  • 45th Anniversary: In May, the Wings began using a special logo to commemorate 45 years in existence across three leagues. [5/17]
  • History: The original Kalamazoo Wings were founded as part of the International Hockey League in 1974. The name was changed to the Michigan K-Wings in 1995, but the franchise folded in 2000. That summer, the Madison Kodiaks of the United Hockey League relocated to Kalamazoo and adopted the Wings name. The team then transferred to the ECHL in 2009.

Maine Mariners

  • Expansion: The ECHL expansion franchise unveiled its name and logos in November; jerseys revealed on June 27. [11/30/17]
  • The Mariners announced an NHL affiliation agreement with the New York Rangers on April 9.

Newfoundland Growlers

  • Expansion: The ECHL expansion franchise unveiled its name and logos on May 22. [5/22]
  • Uniforms: Growlers unveiled their uniforms as well as an inaugural season logo on July 31. [7/31]
  • Affiliation: Announced an NHL affiliation agreement with the Toronto Maple Leafs on June 14.

Quad City Mallards

  • Folded: The Mallards announced that the franchise would cease operations following the 2017-18 season; the market will be served by an SPHL expansion team in 2018-19. [3/13]

Toledo Walleye

  • 2019 ECHL All-Star: Toledo will host the ECHL All-Star Classic on Jan. 21. Uniforms unveiled July 2; full branding story on Icthetics blog. [7/29]
  • Format: The format is similar to the NHL and AHL in terms of a 3-on-3 mini-tournament of four teams. New this year, the host team will comprise two teams; the East and West All-Stars will make up the other two teams. [1/16]


Minors: SPHL

Little attention gets paid to hockey in the south, but being from Florida, I have a soft spot for it.

Quad City Storm

  • Expansion: Taking over the market vacated by the ECHL's Quad City Mallards, the Storm will begin play in 2018-19; logo unveiled June 21. [6/22]
  • Logo change: Following the initial logo reveal in June, the Storm introduced a redesign 27 days later, on July 18, swapping out the anthropomorphic tornado element from the original. [7/18]

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