Bolts and Black

The Tampa Bay Lightning are officially introducing a new third jersey next season. Will it be black? Will it still say Bolts? Avi Stein puts forth this idea. Any takers?

Flames of the Future

Something about this Greg Dobson set makes me feel like it's an actual uniform we could see in the NHL 20 or 30 years from now. I could imagine it being considered a throwback-style set in the 2045-46 season — depending on how much use that new third jersey shoulder patch gets in the coming years.

Neutral Toronto

Asle Tømmerstrand was apparently inspired by the 2014 Stadium Series jerseys when he invented this grey alternate for the Toronto Maple Leafs. It's difficult to picture the Leafs in anything but blue, but we've been seeing a lot of great grey jerseys lately — even in real life with the Kings.

The Danes

Denmark wasn't represented at the Olympic hockey tournaments in Sochi But if they were, they probably would've looked pretty sharp. Jake Miller would have them looking like this.

Wild Notions for the Next Winter Classic

The most common Winter Classic rumors these days have the Capitals hosting the Flyers in 2015. To that end, John Elbertson shares his unique take. A two-tone blue jersey for the Caps? Seems unlikely given the nature of the Winter Classic, but it certainly makes for a cool concept, doesn't it?