Canada in 2018

Will Canada capture its third straight gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics? Would they look good wearing a set of jerseys like these created by Nick Burton? Anything is possible.

By the way, I'm thinking about wrapping up the International Sunday series for a while. Any suggestions for a new Sunday series?

Vancouver Throwback Mix


For our Outdoor Saturday them, Dylan Wonka revisits the Vancouver Canucks. How about a Millionaires jersey mixed with a modern color palette for a future Heritage Classic?

Euro Freak Out

I know you'll love this one. Newcomer Justin Sulpico images sending the Anaheim Ducks to the Spengler Cup — an annual international hockey tournament hosted in Switzerland. Being in Europe, the tournament has its fill of ad-covered jerseys. What do you think?

Washington Doppelgänger

Ben Macdonald put together a series of NHL third jersey last year. This one for the Capitals reminds me a little of the striping pattern found the IceHL's Washington Sentinels sweaters. Check out page 66 of the Yearbook if you don't believe me.

Traditional, Yet Different

Dylan Wonka describes his Buffalo Sabres concept as "traditional, yet different." Very true. I particularly like how he borrowed elements from past Sabres logos to create an original crest design.