Throwback Thursday: Central Division

Today brings the finale of Brendan Hennessy's Throwback Thursday miniseries. He's reimagined every NHL team's branding as it might have existed a century ago — complete with retro nicknames and sweaters.

Black and Blue Bolts

Once again, proof that the Tampa Bay Lightning did not need to lose black from their color palette in 2011. The ever-prolific and talented Matt McElroy offers up this sharp look today.

Orange is the New Black

I know, Ducks concepts two days in a row. But could they be more different? This alternate by Avi Stein relies on orange as its primary color — much like the team's Stadium Series uniform from this year. Anyone else hoping it makes a return?

Mighty Ducks by Hand, Revisited


Morgo Uxbridge, of hand drawn concept fame, returns with a second take on the Ducks. Here's the original. That really was a great color scheme. Bring it back!

Halifax Raiders

We're staying in Nova Scotia this weekend with today's custom team. The Halifax Raiders are a joint effort by Justin Cox and Mat Ware. Mat sent along these excellent designs, the quality of which would easily fit into the IceHL Project.

Justin and Mat went all out creating this identity. They created five logos and four jerseys — including alternate and Stadium Series designs.