Ram Pride

Back in March, Virginia Commonwealth University unveiled new logos for its athletic program. Jake Miller has implemented them here in new hockey uniforms. VCU's club team has a Facebook page but the most recent photos are from 2012. At least there's something to compare this with. What do you think?

An American Birthday

Today is the United States' 238th birthday. Go America! (Or something.) In honor of that, how about a little something patriotic for the Concepts page? And what's more patriotic than Texas? Brian Brideau presents a recolored version of the Dallas Stars' new uniforms.

Original Six Showdown, Part 2

The Blackhawks and Rangers are featured in the second part of Nick Burton's 3-part Throwback Thursday miniseries. What would you think of the Hawks wearing something like this to the 2015 Winter Classic in D.C. next season?

King of Jerseys

This one has been sitting in my inbox for a few years now. But now seemed like a great time to showcase a retro-inspired look for the L.A. Kings. Matthew Duke created three jerseys and a logo all based on the club's own history — yet with a new feel all its own.

Colorado Simplified

Over the weekend, following the draft, I noted on Twitter that I think the Colorado Avalanche should be next with a jersey overhaul — something a lot of folks seemed to agree with. Bastian Schmülling to the rescue.

Something as simple as this could do wonders for the Avs, letting that great crest shine without being boxed in by useless and ugly apron-string piping.

By the way, as we officially begin the second half of 2014 today, I thought I'd clue you in on the highest-rated concept of the first half. Fittingly, it was another design from Mr. Schmülling posted just a few weeks ago. And here's the runner-up.