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Latest News


If you just discovered The IceHL Project, read this:

  • Founded in 2008 to build and brand a hockey league from the ground up through crowd-sourcing
  • Branding determined by popular vote; artwork designed by community members
  • 32 teams operated via ESPN Fantasy Hockey since 2010; GMs are Icethetics readers
  • Third fantasy league planned (IceHL World) will introduce 8 new teams in 2014

For more information, download the 2013 IceHL Yearbook and read up.


Every summer, the IceHL sees some manner of change to keep it fresh. Last year, we rebranded a handful of teams. The year before, we welcomed two expansion franchises.

This year, here's what's up:

  • Philadelphia Aces, relocated in 2013, shift from IceHL West to IceHL East in 2014-15
  • After IceHL East last-place finish, Quebec Armada rebranded as Hawaii Honu in West
  • Our 3rd conference — IceHL World — will debut with 8 new teams in 2014-15 (including the saved Quebec Armada identity)


The IceHL Yearbook is a good place to start. It's a free PDF download with more IceHL content than you could ever hope for!


SEP 28 · 10pm ET
IceHL West Draft

OCT 4 · 8pm ET
IceHL East Draft

OCT 5 · 9pm ET
IceHL World Inaugural Draft