Rbk EDGE Review: Sharks

Part 22 of 30. All 30 NHL clubs have unveiled new jerseys under the new Rbk EDGE Uniform System for the 2007-08 season. Here at the NHLToL, we're going to review every one of them. Read up and then rate the new sweaters. We'll do a full ranking after completing all of the reviews.

Rbk EDGE Uniform System

San Jose Sharks

New Uniforms

Old Uniforms

The Unveiling
Monday, September 17. The Sharks unveiled their jerseys almost two months after unveiling their new logo. Pictures were released via their official web site.

Home vs. Road
Home: Teal. Road: White. The two sweaters are essentially mirror images of each other and both feature secondary logo patches on the shoulders.

The teal home jerseys feature a black shoulder yoke with white trim. White-orange-black-orange-white stripes wrap around the elbows and waist. The collar is white, with orange-black trim inside and the primary logo serves as the crest.

The white road jerseys feature a teal shoulder yoke with black trim. Black-orange-teal-orange-black stripes wrap around the elbows and waist. The collar is black, with orange-teal trim inside and the primary logo serves as the crest.

In The Details
The shoulder patches feature a full-bodied version of the shark featured in the primary logo sans the triangle. A new, more traditional numbering and lettering style has been introduced.

New & Old
Not only was a new logo introduced, but sweeping changes were made to the uniforms. They are almost completely different from the old sweaters.

Standard FAQ
Numbers on the front? Yes.
Laces at the collar? No.

NHLToL Editorial by Chris
In a shocking twist, the Sharks ended up with one of the most traditional-looking sweaters of the new crop. I say that in reference to the striping and not the new-fangled sweater numbers on the front of the jersey — which I happen to like. I know, hang me now. Anyway, this isn't to say I wasn't a fan of the old jerseys. The Sharks have definitely been among the best-looking teams on the ice over the last decade, but numbers and especially names were often illegible on those sweaters. That's been rectified here. And the rust-flavored orange is a welcome splash of color to the jerseys. Quite possibly my favorite element is the use of the new shield logo on the pants. Overall, I'm impressed by the direction San Jose has gone. 4/5

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