Secondary Logo Idea For Canucks?

I've been depriving you guys of some great concept art the last couple days. For that, I apologize and I plan to make it up to you. A handful of teams make good use of maps in their branding.

My Lightning are right there among them with the outline of the state of Florida on their shoulder patch. You can see an orange Long Island right in the middle of the Islanders' logo and a green state of Texas sits on the shoulders of the Stars.

I guess the question, what if the Vancouver Canucks followed suit? We recently saw a concept with Alberta on the Oilers' shoulders and Minnesota on the Wild's shoulders, so why not put British Columbia on the Canucks'?

My personal favorite is the one in the middle. The other two don't really do anything for me.

Another slight alteration I'd make is to rotate the province a few degrees to the left so as to make the north and south borders horizontal. It may not be geographically accurate, but we all passed middle school (I'm assuming!) so we can look past that.

Now there was one team I failed to mention above that has a shoulder patch outlining their home state. This next concept reminds me a lot of the Coyotes' Arizona logo.

I like how the stripes start in Vancouver and, as the designer put it, "radiate out to the rest of British Columbia" since the Canucks are "B.C.'s team." If it were me, though, I'd lose the text out of the logo. It would end up being illegible anyway.

So now's your turn to critique these designs. Leave a comment and let us all know what you think.