Concepts In The Stars

Every so often, I get emailed a concept design that just looks simply amazing. Let me share the most recent piece I'd categorize that way.

Obviously, we're talking about the Dallas Stars today. And while I'm a fan of their new uniforms and the simplicity seen there, I would be among the last to object an overhaul. For instance, I feel a green jersey is exactly the way for this team to go. And while I don't think the logo seen here is perfect, it's a step in the right direction. I really like the secondary logo, though.

Anyway, this is what I like. Sharp graphics and folks getting creative. It almost makes me want to do a concept contest of some sort. The winner would get nothing but bragging rights, but I bet we'd see some amazing work along the way. Let me know in the comments if that sounds like something you guys would be interested in.

Continuing with today's theme now.

This is a nice set. I like the idea of using the bull/consellation logo on the shoulders of the black jersey. The red seems a bit out of place though.

And finally, here's a nice way to improve on the road sweater.

Just a little more color makes the jersey seem a lot less ... white. A bit more interesting to look at, to be sure.

Overall, I like what all of the artists have done here. Top notch work.