This One's All Atlanta

As the title implies, this post will stick to an Atlanta-based theme. We'll start with the team currently in that town — the Thrashers.

A reader emailed in this concept which calls for a return to the days of going heavy on the dark blue and maroon. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's a bad look. I just prefer the light blue jerseys. One of the best in the league, if you want my opinion — which I'm sure many of you don't.

I bet the asymmetry of that blue jersey is causing aneurysms for a good number of you. I think it's a winner. Not really feeling the sleeves on the white jersey, however. I know what's being attempted, but it just isn't working. Thoughts?

Now let's take a blast from the past with the Atlanta Flames.

You might notice Jarome Iginla's name on the back of these sweaters. Try to ignore the Calgary connection. I really am trying to write an Atlanta post. The one on the left is a little plain but I like the city name down the sleeve. The crest is awkwardly large however. What I like is the one on the right which is oversized just right — if that makes any sense.

I think this is a really cool idea. The giant logo basically becomes the jersey design. I think it provides a really cool effect. Not sure how great it would look on the ice, however. But by itself there, I'm a fan.

And finally, we'll top things off with the 2008 NHL All-Star Game which is being hosted by the great city of Atlanta. The jerseys for that game were recently unveiled to the general disappointment of a lot of the readers here. One fan emailed in a couple of concepts for the big game. They're not bad, but they do borrow heavily from the Philadelphia Flyers.

Oh, and before a handful of you start needlessly jumping up and down on the designer, let me point out that we know a design like this prohibits the use of a "C" or "A" on the chest. And I do think the all-star and team logos should be left on the shoulders. Other than that, I think they work. Perhaps we'll see something similar in the future.

Until then, we have what we have.