Help Wanted: Blackhawks Logo

Hi everyone. I've hit a wall and I could really use your help finding a decent quality version of a surprisingly hard-to-find logo. The Chicago Blackhawks wear on their shoulders a logo that depicts two tomahawks crossed over a letter "C."

Actually, it looks a little something like this.

The actual logo is close to this but not quite the same. If you're as anal as I am and look really closely, you'll notice the differences I'm talking about.

Notice the serif on the "C" as well as ties on the tomahawk heads and the overall proportions of the two logos. I know the differences are so incredibly minor that it almost doesn't matter. But quality and accuracy matter to me so just indulge me a little if you will.

Stare at those two logos a while and see if you can help. My goal is to have the proper logo for the secondary logo tournament which I'm anticipating will be the next in the series here at NHLToL. Thanks in advance for all your help!