More Fancy Concept Jerseys

Do you guys remember the incredibly sharp concept art I posted back on Saturday? If not, I just linked to it, so go look at it. Anyway, a guy named Pete designed the jerseys and basically, he's got a lot more where that came from.

For example, you're about to see an Edmonton Oilers concept that I think rivals the Anaheim Ducks artwork created by GhettoFarmBoy. It's that good. Just look.

I like the idea of reworking the Oilers logo to have an oil drop in the proper color. Oil is black, not copper. However, I don't know how I feel about the copper circle. Might take a little getting used to. But my personal favorite is the copper "2nd alternate" jersey. I'm also a huge fan of that alternate logo. And if you were wondering what such a jersey might look like on a player, well look no further.

I would almost buy that if I were the kind of person who could buy a jersey that had anything but a Lightning logo on it. I like that uniform a lot. Can you tell?

Anyway, Pete also did a little work on the Philadelphia Flyers. The striping pattern is unique — and not in a bad way.

And finally, this isn't entirely the work of Pete. In Saturday's post, you saw his Rangers jersey with the words NEW YORK spelled out across the front instead of RANGERS. I suggested that the jersey might be improved with the Lady Liberty logo. So a couple of you made some modifications.

I think I was right. (Modesty is rarely my strong suit.) Thoughts?

Feel free to comment below. I'm sure Pete would like the feedback on his work — which is obviously rather excellent.