HF&P, Part 3: St. Louis Blues

In case you missed Tuesday's post, I've started a new post series here on the blog in the weeks leading up to the opening of the tournament. HF&P stands for "Hockey Fans & Photoshop" and has to do with the fact that this series features potential uniform designs consistent with the new Rbk EDGE unis to be used next season. No NHL team has yet officially unveiled their uniforms, but hey, fans can dream right? None of it is my own work, merely re-posting of other people's handiwork that I found around the net.

Today we get a glimpse at a potential design for the St. Louis Blues. This designer is a lot like me in that we feel like change is good. Style and design are fluid things that are constantly changing with the times. I like the idea of toying with the old secondary logo. In my opinion, it better personifies the team nickname than the musical note with a wing attached. Still, its interesting. My only change would be adding that dark shade of blue that the team currently dons. We like the two-tone Blues.

For those of you wondering, these are obviously not official NHL designs. To say their fake would be a misnomer. They're real inasmuch as you can see them. But I'm afraid they haven't been commissioned by the league. The way you can tell is that Gary Bettman has said that the NHL will temporarily drop the third jersey program while the teams adjust to the completely new uniforms. Also the secondary logo in the graphic isn't very clean.

Anyway, kudos to the designer, as always. And feel free to make yourself known if you wish. I'd love to have you on the blog to talk about your work. Speaking of which, this graphic to the right comes from a separate designer who is incorporating the front shoulder number being used by the Buffalo Sabres this season. It uses the all-star uniform design with the current Blues color scheme.

By the way, I open the floor to anyone who has worked on jersey designs in their spare time. I'd love to hear from you and I'm sure the few readers here would too. It's great work. We're all looking forward to the unveiling of all the new designs this summer.

Coming tomorrow: the Los Angeles Kings.