More Potential New Unis

Today is Draft Day and that means each team has to break out the "07" jersey to throw on the backs of their new draft picks. But this year every team is getting new jerseys and the only ones we've actually seen at this moment are Boston and Washington. For a refresher, these are them:

Now for what you haven't seen yet. At least not here, that is. While scouring the internet as I do I came across possible designs and mock-ups for both the Dallas Stars and New York Islanders. Let's start with the latter.

This appears to be a cell phone photo taken possibly covertly. But now the world has it via the wonderful internet. Now as with anything I post that isn't official, do take it with a grain of salt. I'm not anymore connected than you are reading this. The jerseys hanging here definitely have some color issues. I can't say I'm loving all the striping but so far I haven't really loved any of the new Rbk jerseys we've seen. That includes the Bruins and Capitals — although I did like what they wore at this year's all-star game. Am I too picky? Usually I like change, but I haven't been wowed over yet. Yet being the operative word there.

There's also this which might be better off the Hockey Fans & Photoshop series I just finished running a week or so ago. In fact the design even looks a little bit reminiscent of what I posted for the Dallas Stars during that series. Even if this is the team's actual design, it's not half bad. I don't hate it and I like the creativity with the crest on the dark jerseys. However, that in itself indicates a possible change back to the days when the home team wore white.

Don't you just love all this speculating. God knows I do. So that's that for now. Tune your sets to Versus tonight at 7 for coverage of the draft. We'll see if we get any sightings of new jerseys tonight. I'm sure we will. I'm also looking out for the possibility of new logos. I'm desperate for a new one from the Lightning and still expecting changes for Dallas, San Jose, Ottawa and Toronto.

More later tonight.