Lightning vs Hurricanes


The Aesthetics
We have a Southeast Division battle on our hands. Mad props to the Hurricanes for not spelling out the team name as well as what I would consider to be the subtle use of a puck in the eye of the storm. Now I may be hypocritical about many things but here's the thing: subtlety in logos rocks! You have to look at it over and over again so if you discover something new each time, you've got yourself a winner.

The Nickname
You know, you would think these two go hand-in-hand right. Well as any gulf coast resident can tell you, there is no Lightning in a Hurricane. Just wind to blow everything away.

The Analysis
As a Lightning fan, I find myself rather despressed at the prospect of my team being shut out in a tournament I designed. Sadly, however, this is the case. Our logo is just not good. But don't let that take away from how good the Hurricanes logo is. I've always thought it was among the best. My only complaint would be that its aspect ratio is a little off. Can we have it a little more circular please?