Blue Jackets vs Blues


The Aesthetics
Sometimes you can feel action in a still logo and I feel it in the Blue Jackets logo — in a good way. It's a very smart logo with appropriate attention to detail. I like the two-tone blue in the Blues logo but its not quite enough to steal this point away.
Blue Jackets

The Nickname
A Blue Jacket carries a bayonet. A Blues man carries a sax. Do the math.
Blue Jackets

The Analysis
The Blue Jackets name leaves little room to screw up the logo, although you wouldn't know it based on previous logos. This one just makes sense. The Ohio flag more than references the home state of the team while the Blues logo is really little more than a musical note with a wing. I don't really get the wing, but that's not why they're getting swept. The new Blue Jackets logo is just that good.
Blue Jackets