Blackhawks vs Avalanche


The Aesthetics
I hate to say it, but look at the records, this may be a really easy one. But the tournament is winding down for the Blackhawks. Just two more matches left after today. So let's get to it. As I discussed with a reader in the comments a few days ago, I counted eight different colors in the Blackhawks logo. It desperately needs a more defined color scheme. The Avalanche logo, on the other hand, is one of those all-around sports logo classics.

The Nickname
I don't care how tough Chief Blackhawk thinks he is, even an Avalanche would do him in.

The Analysis
You could say both logos do a decent job of being logos. As much as I complain about the Blackhawks logo, there are no words or hockey paraphernalia in it. I just can't get past the colors and overall design. There are bigger and better things you can do with a name like Blackhawks. The Avalanche logo has great colors a cool design and subtle elements like the puck at the bottom end of the avalanche itself. I'm also a fan of the bigfoot secondary logo but I know this competition isn't about those.