Canucks Fans, Prepare Yourselves

A link to this blog was recently posted on the Vancouver Canucks' message board. Most of you over there seem to like the site. A handful of you are skeptical as to where I procure my information, specifically the bit about the August 1 unveiling date for your team. I don't blame you.

First, I should tell you I was hesitant about putting that date in the countdown. It comes from a retailer who spoke in an article printed in the Vancouver Sun. Consult this post for further details on that. Second, all of the information I post here is secondhand. I don't intend to pass myself off as an authority on the subject, merely an information-gathering resource. I surf the web and find a lot of nonsense and I try to parse it for factuality. Obviously things will slip through the cracks but then take from this what you want.

In the meantime, everything I post I try to explain. Whether it's artwork designed by a fan or rumors or an official announcement from a team, you can trust me when I tell you I'm not going to make anything up out of thin air. What would be the point? Still, take everything I post here with a grain of salt. As I keep saying, until teams make official announcements, all we have is speculation.

Now then, as a thank-you to whoever noticed the site and decided it was worth mentioning, I have a treat for you. Well, actually that depends on how you respond to this little gem.

Now, don't be fooled, Canucks fans. What you're looking at will only make its way onto the ice they day you ride a unicorn to games. But I thought it was an interesting design, with colors we haven't seen before. I came across it on the Miami Herald's Florida Panthers blog while looking up information I posted earlier today.

It's like a tougher version of Johnny Canuck inside the orca "C." The designer also placed the current orca logo on the shoulders (backwards on one side for some reason).

Once again, don't freak out. It's not something that's been leaked by the team (or I'd hope not). It's obviously artwork designed by a fan and clearly not the work of a graphics professional (no offense to the person who came up with the idea). Having said that, what do you think of it? Would you like to see something similar on jerseys for the fall?