No Islanders Jerseys Until September

Today we've got news on the New York Islanders and when we can expect to see a new uniform for them. You might remember about a month ago I posted what appeared to be a cell phone photo of the new Isles unis. Only time will tell whether those are legitimate designs. One would hope they aren't though. They were quite awful to look at.

Newsday's Isles beat writer Greg Logan posted some news regarding the team's new Reebok duds.

Many of you keep asking about the unveiling of the Islanders’ new jerseys. Three teams were permitted to display theirs at the recent NHL draft, but the rest of the league will put them on for the first time in September. Reebok won’t be able to deliver a full complement of uniforms until then. The exact date is uncertain, but the Islanders anticipate unveiling their jersey either just before they leave for training camp on Sept. 13 or just after they return on Sept. 22.

You can read his full post here.

I'm trying to keep my bases covered league-wide so if you guys notice I'm blatantly leaving any teams out, let me know. Though I'm trying to post as much information as I can as I find it. That said, if you've seen any uniform or logo news worth posting, please tell me about it. I'd be happy to spread the word.