Panthers vs Hurricanes


The Aesthetics
These two logos lead the Southeast Division and sit among the top 5 in the league at this late point in the tournament. The Hurricanes logo has managed to fare perfect so far in this category. But that ends today. There's little doubt that the 'Canes have a strong logo, but the Panthers logo almost literally jumps out at you. It's got a great color combination and a fiercec look.

The Nickname
A Hurricane is Mother Nature's way of taking out her aggression. To her, a Panther is just another cat with nowhere to hide.

The Analysis
It all comes down to the analysis. Despite the detail when you get up close to it, nothing about the Panthers logo is lost when you have to view it with less detail. The Hurricanes logo is simple and even works in a subtle puck as the storm's eye — something I really like. Then there's the fact that both teams are so appropriately named that there's no need to reference the home city specifically in the logo. It all comes down to the shape, now. I would like the Hurricanes logo even more if it were more circular. The oval shape makes the puck fit well, but there's no reason you couldn't be looking at the puck from above rather than at an angle. This logo is finally dealt a hit as it loses its first match.