Ducks vs Flames


The Aesthetics
Is it wrong of me to keep hating on the Ducks logo? I like the colors but the wordmark just rubs me the wrong way as far as crests go. Meanwhile, the flaming "C" continues to impress... me. Let's clean things up on the Ducks side and make the duck foot the primary and lose the rest of the letters. Then maybe they'll have a real shot in this competition.

The Nickname
What do you get when you cross a Duck and a Flame? Dinner. (You knew I was going there.)

The Analysis
For many teams, I understand it's a difficult task to find some way to represent the home city visually in a way that would be universally recognizable. Anaheim and Calgary are two such cities I would lump in that category. So instead, I'm looking at the basics. Do we see ducks and do we see flames? In fact, I do see flames attached to a "C" meant to do its best job of representing both Calgary and even Canada. As far as ducks, all I see is a footprint, meaning that duck was there. Or it's just a duck foot indicating to me what was left after the stew was made.