Rangers Unveil New Uniforms!

There was no fanfare or big unveiling ceremony, but the New York Rangers now officially have their Rbk EDGE uniforms. They are up for pre-order on the Rangers' official web site along with photos!

As you can see, the jersey designs were not changed, merely adapted to the new cut. So that's that. Hope you Rangers fans like them. Now those among you annoyed with my posting of frivolous matter such as jersey designs in the template of the all-star uniforms can finally rest.

By the way, HUGE thanks to a reader for letting me know about this! You guys are great!

UPDATE (5:20 PM): I've just been informed the Rangers have since taken these photos off of their official web site. Like the Flyers they now only have a page up where you can pre-order the jerseys — without being able to see them. Luckily for us, we've already seen them and there were really no changes made. So if you have friends who are Rangers fans who would like to buy a jersey, let them know that if they want to see pictures, we've got them here.