Bruins vs Capitals


The Aesthetics
If you were keeping track, this is the first time in the tournament where two brand new logos have met. And the letters abound. The new Capitals logo, in my opinion, is definitely a downgrade. I like the colors all right, but then I was one of the few who though the blue and bronze worked really well. Anyway, the Bruins redesign was definitely an upgrade. While the difference may not be noticeable to most people just looking at it quick, it's light years ahead of what they team had been wearing.

The Nickname
The headline would read: "Bruins terrorize Capital!"

The Analysis
Both logos are made up of letters so we'll have to consider that. I really do like the bear used on the Bruins shoulder logo. That should be the primary. Put the spoked "B" on the shoulder. Speaking of which, does anyone happen to know the significance of the spokes? Or is that just a design element that happen accidentally and has lasted half a century? The hockey stick and puck in the Capitals logo, while more cleverly designed than in the '70s logo, are superfluous on any NHL logo if you ask me. But I think the three stars put it over the Bruins logo for this point. It's at least making a good effort at referencing the region.